Elevate your television viewing experience by wall mounting your TV. The key to successful TV wall mounting lies in safe and accurate installation. Mr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis offers top-notch TV wall mounting services in the Fresno, CA area. Our installation process focuses on preventing any wall damage and protecting your valuable TV. Our experts will ensure that your TV is evenly leveled, securely fixed, and that all wires are properly concealed. DIY TV wall mounting can be a complex, time-intensive, and risky task. Reach out to us to learn more about our expert TV wall mounting services.  

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Expectations from our TV Wall Mounting Service

Our service professionals work with you to identify the perfect spot for your TV during the professional installation process. We use wall studs for a stable and secure installation and hide any unsightly wires inside the walls for a modern and clean look. Even if your preferred mounting wall doesn't have studs, our experts are well-equipped to manage the situation professionally. We can install televisions on most surfaces, including brick walls, over fireplaces, or other tricky spots. We have the proficiency to install TVs on various materials such as stone, brick, glass, drywall, marble, etc. If you lack a TV mount, we will bring along the appropriate one and our top-quality tools to facilitate efficient installation. We have the skills to deliver a secure, safe, and visually appealing TV wall mount. 

Assorted Wall Mounting Options  

We are able to install a wide array of TV wall mount solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you have a swivel mount, a flat mount, or a low-profile mount, we have you covered. Once the TV is securely mounted, it will completely transform the appearance of your wall. Our unique wire-hiding techniques will astound visitors to your home. With our advanced methods, we can expertly camouflage your power wire, cable, satellite, or digital antenna for a tidy and organized setup.  

Choosing the Perfect TV Mounting Location 

Determining the optimal spot to hang your TV can seem complicated. The guideline we recommend following is to place your TV in a location where the center of the screen aligns with your eye level. As the viewers can vary from adults to children, and each will have different viewing heights, you might want to vary the position to accommodate most people. We also recommend installing a flexible TV mount. The latest models offer features like swivel and tilt, which enable you to tailor the viewing experience for everyone. Our service professionals can help determine the perfect location to mount your television to ensure a positive viewing experience. 

Professional TV Wall Mount Service Benefits 

Mounting a TV is a challenging task that many people try and fail. Some of the many reasons to choose professional TV wall mount installation services include:  

  • We promise a flawless, balanced TV placement that guarantees an unmatched viewing experience. 
  • A wall-mounted TV not only augments the aesthetics of your room but also saves floor space.  
  • With the TV on the wall, you can bid adieu to bulky TV stands. 
  • One of the top reasons our customers prefer a wall-mounted TV is for glare reduction.  
  • Our concealed wiring system reduces visual clutter and minimizes the chances of tripping over tangled cables.  

ContactMr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis 

Mr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis provides comprehensive handyman services in and around Fresno, Clovis, and Madera, CA. Our team will assist you in deciding the prime location for your TV and installing it efficiently. If you need reliable home improvement services, trust your local handyman company. We offer a wide array of services including installation, repair, and maintenance services for your home. One of the best things about our company is that we are a team of service professionals who are always ready to help you handle your home improvement tasks. We can offer estimates in person or by phone. Ask us about our specials. Get in touch with us today for an estimate on our expert TV wall mounting services. 


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