Your home's windows bear the brunt of all weather conditions. Harsh sunlight, wind, moisture, and extreme temperatures can do considerable damage to your window frames, especially if they're wooden. If you've noticed your window frames looking a bit worse for wear and in need of repair, we are here for you. Mr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis provides residential window frame repair services in Fresno, CA. Our skilled professionals are adept at repairing window frames of all dimensions. A good seal on your windows can help lower your energy expenses, and repairs can give your windows a new look. Contact us today to learn more about our professional window frame repairs.

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Identifying Window Frame Damage 

Window frames often endure more battering than the windows themselves. It’s important to notice any changes to your window frames to ensure your home is in optimal condition. Damage is not always obvious, like visible chipping paint, so here are a few signs indicating it's time to repair your window frames: 

Deteriorating Caulk and Loosening Weatherstripping 

Damage isn't always visible as it can hide behind a thin layer of paint and worsen over time due to unnoticed moisture build-up. When it causes the caulk and weather stripping to loosen, it’s time for some repair work. Sunlight can also make the caulk shrink and crack, so it's crucial to consult our professionals before the damage necessitates a full window replacement. 

Misshapen Windows and Frames 

If you witness any warping or unusual angles in your window frames, there is an issue. The damage might not always be visible externally but is often inherent to the frame. Ignoring such damage can make the caulk ineffective and decrease your window’s lifespan. 

Sticking Windows 

Windows should operate smoothly. It could indicate a warped frame or moisture-induced swelling if they're sticking or difficult to open and close.  

Window Drafts 

If you sense hot or cold drafts through windows, the energy efficiency seal is probably damaged. Factors like broken caulk, ill-fitting windows, or other problems could be causing this.  

Problematic Rotting Window Frames  

Rotten wooden window frames can be a significant issue for homeowners. Wood rot begins to form when moisture is trapped in your window frames. Wood rot can lead to a structural deficiency, increase pests, and cause your window frame to fall apart. Wood rot is often caused by inexperienced contractors installing your windows. Rain and moisture can lead to wood rot if caulking or window flashing isn't installed correctly. It is vital to address rotten wooden window frames to keep your family safe from mold and mildew growth. 

Our Window Frame Repair Approach  

Our team does its best to perform window frame repairs before determining you need a new window frame. If there's failing caulk or other issues listed above, the problem might lie in unseen structural damage. Our experts use a tried and tested process to shield your windows and home from more damage: 

  • Our home service professionals inspect your windows and frames for damage. 
  • We work with your budget and needs to offer a customized window frame repair estimate. 
  • We devise a tailor-made plan to address any issues, including window replacement or window frame repair. 
  • Upon your approval of the plan, our team will remove any damaged components, fix the window frame, and replace materials as necessary. 

TrustMr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis  

Our team understands the importance of structural integrity. We work with you to ensure your needs and goals for your home projects are met in a timely manner. Our team will assess your window frames and determine the most effective solution. If you notice chipping paint or wood rot, we are only a call away. We aren't one guy but a whole team that takes care of your home improvement needs. Our work is assured by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, guaranteeing your satisfaction.  

Contact Us for Window Frame Repair Services 

Mr. Handyman Serving Fresno and Clovis is here for all your handyman needs in and around Fresno, Clovis, and Madera, CA. Windows contribute to your home's aesthetics and shield it from the elements. If they're impaired or malfunctioning, they can negatively impact your home's look and increase energy costs. Our company is known for its commitment to excellence. Contact us to get an estimate for wooden window frame repair services in person or on the phone. 

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