Professional Tulsa Tile Installation Service

Historically, tile has always been known to add a sense of sophistication as it has been seen in ancient temples, murals, and monasteries the world over simply because it’s a timeless and high-quality material. It also adds splendor as it bolsters the aesthetic appeal of your home, given the diverse palette of shapes, cuts, colors, and designs you can opt for, from your kitchen and bathroom backsplash to your flooring surface. Unlike its plastic-based or vinyl substitutes, it’s not as phony and bodes well in moisture-prone areas, is durable, and doesn’t easily absorb bacteria and odors. Its authenticity speaks for itself, as a professional Tulsa tile installation can boost the property value of your home.

Because of the hand-eye coordination and dexterity required for a detailed installation, it’s best to rely on a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Tulsa handyman from Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa for tile installation, repairs, and maintenance services. During our no-obligation consultation, we can discuss the best package deal for a tile installation. Tulsa residents should know that is one of our many areas of expertise, indicated by our proven track record of 20 years catering to home remodeling services. We always go by the mantra of genuinely listening to our client’s pain points to offer authentic solutions alongside quality craftsmanship and ultimate satisfaction. We never upsell and offer transparent, upfront pricing and atop this, offer a one-year parts guarantee for those of you who are indecisive, so if, within that timeframe, your tile happens to chip or crack, our handyman service technician will return to make the proper adjustments.

Our Top-Notch Tulsa Tile Installation Services

On average, tile is long-lasting, with glazed porcelain or ceramic lasting for 50 or more years for more delicate areas like your backlash and up to 20 years for flooring surfaces. But of course, it all depends on the type of material, quality and effort in the installation process. Although tile can be used in multiple areas, it’s typically requested for a flooring installation. Apart from the eye-catching decor tile offers, it also has protective qualities, for example, being waterproof, easier to clean of dirt and grime and does well in fluctuating temperatures. Depending on the type of material, from natural stone to marble or ceramic, routine maintenance is mandatory regardless, as tile can easily scuff if not cared for. Some repairs our expert technician can do include fixing hairline cracks, chips, loose tiles, discoloration, crumbling grout, recaulking joints, or pressure washing your surface.

Before a tile installation, Tulsa homeowners can expect our skilled technician to conduct a careful inspection of your flooring or backsplash areas, taking the appropriate measurements to calculate how much material is going to be used. Tulsa tile installations are easy to refinish in case of future repairs for broken pieces; that’s why we always recommend our customers keep an extra stash of material supply, so the pieces exactly match. Some Tulsa homeowners may want to attempt a DIY installation to save a few bucks, but we don’t recommend it as you can accidentally misalign the placement of the tiles resulting in a shoddy and wayward appearance. As for materials, you can opt for something that is made of natural or plastic material, with each type reflecting certain benefits and drawbacks. Based on your personal preferences, budget and durability, there are a handful of options available for a Tulsa tile installation:

  • Natural Stone: Natural stone tile is the purest material which and comes in a wide variety, including marble, slate, granite, and limestone. We only recommend this material if you’re keen on upkeep as it’s not durable, as it's a close substitute for ceramic or porcelain. It doesn’t handle water damage as well and, if exposed, is susceptible to stains or scratches. It does however increase your home’s property value.
  • Ceramic: A ceramic tile installation is the most common of all! Ceramic is made from natural clay, is compact, water-resistant, and mimics real stone, being a good dummy substitute. It’s not exactly completely authentic like the real deal, but this is made up for as it can handle fluctuating temperatures and doesn’t get as scuffed up as easily.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain tile is not as dainty as it sounds. It’s more water-resistant and durable than ceramic and has the appearance of real stone. Porcelain can handle fluctuating temperatures, and just like ceramic doesn’t scratch, dent, or stuff up too readily.
  • Glass tile: Glass material is common and delivers a timeless appeal. While fragile, it is extremely durable and, unlike its counterparts, non-porous. This means that it won’t stain and neither does it require any surface sealing for protection.
  • Cork: This is the most water-resistant and prevents mold and mildew growth and stops any pesky termites, but it’s not a popular or commonly requested material. But its softer texture means that your dog or cat can use it as a scratching board, and it can easily dent due to dragging heavy furniture.

You’ll be surprised to know that there is a lot more to tile installation. Tulsa handyman professionals will properly seal the surface to protect the materials from moisture intrusion. Grout sealing is extremely important, so it won’t stain and deteriorate. Sealing is a process that must be repeated every three to five years unless you opt for glazed tiles which is basically a liquefied glass surface to make the system non-porous. Feel free to ask our professional tile installer for more details!

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Terrific Choice For Tulsa Tile Installation

Give your home the oomph it so desires with a Tulsa tile installation. Our experienced professionals are available around-the-clock and will show up uniformed and prompt for your service appointment. Apart from tile installation, Tulsa homeowners are best advised to check out the wide range of other services we offer, from flooring repair and installation to window repair, drywall installation, and a small bathroom remodeling project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tulsa Tile Installation

What Precautions Should You Take During Tile Installation?

Tulsa technicians at Mr. Handyman follow some safety measurements and technical aspects. Here is what you should keep in mind before a Tulsa tile installation service:

  • Damaged subfloor needs to be replaced before a tile installation
  • Not verifying the correct measurements based on the corners, walls, sloping, and angle of the floors
  • Wrong trowel size
  • Being careful not to crack the dainty pieces
  • Wrong grout or incorrect grout application
  • No backer board
  • Bad caulking practice
  • Incorrect measurements

Why Do You Leave a Gap Between Tiles?

You must leave a gap between the tiles to accommodate for minor sizing differences from tile to tile that happen as a result of the manufacturing process. Having a slight gap allows you to adjust the tile placement and make up for these sizing differences and also allows for a clear-cut and straight grout line.

Generally, grout spacing varies from 1/8" to 1/4" when you use spacers. But grout line size or grout line thickness greatly depends on the type of installation you choose.

How Long Should You Wait to Walk on Newly Installed Tile?

There is a curing process following an installation which takes about 20 to 30 minutes. However, the tiles are not fully settled at this point, and you should wait at least 24 hours before you walk on them.

How Long Should Grout Sit Before Sponging?

There is a method to the madness of grouting for Tulsa tile installations and if you’re not careful you can fudge the result. After a grout application on a tile, surface let it dry off for about 15 minutes before you sponge off the excess grout haze with a damp sponge. Move quickly but gently in a light, circular motion so as not to warp the placement of the tiles. If you’re not careful and sponge the grout off the tile too soon, it can pull off the joints, and you’ll have to start your installation from square one.

Charm Your Home With Tulsa Tile Installation From Mr. Handyman’s Local Experts!

Mr. Handyman technician installing tiles in Tulsa home

It’s time to ask your Tulsa handyman for the work and razzle and bedazzle your home with a Tulsa tile installation service. Whether you’re in Tulsa or nearby areas of BixbyJenks, or Glenpool we will swiftly arrive to answer your questions or concerns before the service appointment. We always clean up after ourselves, unlike some shoddy contractors and will discard any rubble left over at the proper facilities.

Contact us to chat with our courteous customer service representatives, who can best advise you on how to proceed for any residential or commercial repair, replacement, or maintenance needs.

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