You know that your home's structure is mostly wooden. From your fascia boards to a wide range of other structures within your home and out in your yard, wood is an important building material. That's why when you've got wood rot, deal with it immediately. Wood decay can spread quickly, which is why you need quality wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK. This means that you need a reliable Tulsa handyman to tackle your wood rot treatment services.

When it comes to wood rot repair specialists, you need the handymen at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa. With our comprehensive wood rot repair services, we'll get you back in business. If you've got extensive damage due to rotten wood and water damage, we can handle the repairs. By providing you with effective solutions, we're proud to offer comprehensive wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK. Give us a call today if you need our help with your wood siding or notice the signs of wood rot in or outside of your home.

About Our Expert Services for Wood Rot Repair in Tulsa, OK

You might have questions about what wood rot is and what causes it. We'll answer those questions for you here and about why you need wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK.

The Cause of Wood Rot

You might think that water damage is the cause of wood rot, and you would be partially right. Moisture is needed for wood rot to occur. But wood rot is actually caused by fungi, or molds, that thrive in wet conditions. The fungus grows over time, thriving in wet wood, causing the wood to become weak and for it to break down.

If you've had water damage issues in the past, you need to monitor the site. You also need to ensure that the cause of the water damage has been dealt with and your wooden or porous structures are completely dry. If you notice musty odors in your home, chances are that you've got wood rot or mold damage and fungal growth going on within your walls.

Now, if the rot is within your siding, that's a problem. Once the wood is completely rotten, it allows water to enter the wall cavity, where it causes further damage. The mold can also pose a potential threat to you and your family's health.

How to Go Ahead with Wood Rot Treatment in Tulsa, OK

When it comes to solving the problem of wood rot, it's necessary for there to be wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK. But before repairs can take place, you need to identify the cause of the water damage and stop it at its source; otherwise, the problem will just keep recurring. While it's possible to isolate the damage from the water source and treat the affected areas, it's recommended that you identify and solve the problem at its cause first.

In extreme cases, your wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK, will require that you replace the affected wood entirely. However, it's possible to stop the spread of wood rot altogether by treating the affected wood with a fungicide.

The fungicides that are used during wood rot treatment in Tulsa, OK, are applied during what's known as the drying-out period. Although the fungicide is available in concentrate form—which is available for professional use over large areas—it's also available as a ready-to-use product. It's typically applied either with a brush or with a sprayer.

The treatments eradicate the wood rot, but only if you have stopped the source of the water. When treating wood rot as part of a wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK, it's important that we treat the adjacent wood as well, to prevent the outbreak from spreading and as a preventative measure against future wood rot.

Need Professional Wood Rot Repair in Tulsa, OK? Turn to Mr. Handyman!

When you need wood rot repair specialists, Mr. Handyman is there. Whether the wood rot is compromising your home's wooden structure or an outdoor wood structure, our experts can address wood rot issues on your property. When you need comprehensive wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK, rely on our experienced handyman team.

If you notice damaged wood, decayed wood, or a musty smell, that's a sign that you've got problems with a wooden structure on your property. The detection of wood rot is key, because the sooner it's detected, the sooner wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK, can begin. Our handyman professionals can handle the repair by replacing the damaged wood with fresh wood, prevent future wood rotting, and fill any cracks or holes with epoxy wood filler where necessary.

If you find yourself in need of professional wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK, turn to the expert handyman services at Mr. Handyman. We can fix the structural damage done and prevent the rot from spreading further.

Request a service today to get started on wood rot treatment in Tulsa, OK. Let’s ensure your wood structures at home haven’t fallen victim to decay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Rot Repair in Tulsa, OK

What can cause wood rot to start?

There are numerous reasons why rot sets in, but we do know that it won't if it's dry and stays dry. Or, at least, if it dries out quickly. For instance, if your deck is exposed to direct sunlight often and there's no standing water on it, it will dry quickly after a rain or snowstorm. However, if water pools around or on the structure, then there's a good chance that it will develop rot.

The most common cause of wood rot for outdoor structures is when the wood comes in contact with soil. That's why it's recommended that there be at least 6 inches between the wood and soil to keep water from wicking up the wood through capillary action.

Should I replace rotten wood during a wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK?

Although there are options for repairing minor damage, replacement is usually the recommended action, especially when dealing with wood rot within a structure—like your home or deck.

Can I use expanding foam for wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK?

Although it might be a little better than other options, it's not recommended. Once the wood is rotted, it's lost its structural integrity. You can use wood filler to repair minor damage like small holes or small cracks, but neither it nor spray-in foam insulation will help resolve the problem.

Dealing with Dry Rot or Soft Rot? Turn to Mr. Handyman for Wood Rot Repair in Tulsa, OK

Although wood is the perfect building material for structures due to its durability, it's got a weakness: it's prone to decay and rot. With the help of the expertise of Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa, you can stamp out wood rot during a comprehensive wood rot repair in Tulsa, OK.

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