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Doors are the entryway into your space. They give you privacy and help protect your space from outside force, putting up with a lot of kicks, pushes, pulls, leans, slamming, pounding, and harsh conditions. They stand up to a lot, and with all that wear and tear, they’ll need more than the occasional repair. Luckily, our local Newport News handyman service has you covered when you need professional Newport News door repair services.

Our professional service experts have the expertise to repair any of your door woes. Whether there’s damage from scratches, water damage, broken handles, or just needs to be spiffed up, you can count on the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Hampton - Newport News to provide professional door repairs in Newport News, VA.

Keep reading to learn more about our Newport News door repair services, or contact our friendly and attentive customer care agents about your future projects today.

About Our Professional Newport News Door Repair

Doors can take a beating—sometimes literally. From pounding on a bathroom door to get someone to hurry up, bedroom doors getting slammed in anger, to entrance doors getting hot with the full force of a storm, they put up with a lot. You need your doors to stay strong and stable, so when your door gets damaged, you don’t search for ‘door repair near me’, you know to call the professionals when you need door repair in Newport News, VA.

Our service technicians provide a high level of service and can repair a wide variety of damage, including:

Gaps and Misalignment

When your door isn’t hung correctly, it results in gaps around the door that let in drafts and pests, and cause issues when opening, closing, or locking it. By rehanging the door or adding weather stripping, our expert technicians can improve the energy efficiency of your home while also keeping unwanted visitors out.

Cracks, Dents & Chips

These entryways get a lot of use and can take a lot of abuse. Naturally, minor damages such as cracks or chips can start popping up. However, while they may start small, they get worse over time, so addressing them promptly is important. Our Newport News door repair specialists can use wood putty or epoxy filler to fill in most cracks and chips. Dents on metal doors may be a harder fix, but provided they haven’t caused your door to warp, they don’t threaten its function and safety.

Wood Rot

Wooden doors exposed to the elements need to be sealed properly to resist moisture damage. When wood gets wet and doesn't dry properly, it can rot. The rot can spread, destroying your door and threatening the rest of your home. If the wood rot damage is small and isolated, our professional technicians can dig it out and fill it with epoxy. But if it has spread over a large area, you will need to replace your door.

Broken Hardware

Doors have a lot of moving parts like hinges, knobs, and locks. If one of them is broken, you may not be able to open, close, or lock your door. If your hardware is broken, chances are that the pressure becomes too much for it to hold, and some common causes of this include an improper door or door frame installation, or weather stripping, which helps to protect your home from unwanted breezes. Our Newport News door repair experts can find the cause of the hardware failure by performing repairs like hinge replacements or hinge repairs.


Doors warp over time due to changes in temperature and humidity. This can cause them to stick or not close properly, requiring adjustments or repairs to fix the issue. Our Newport News door repair process will look into the cause of the warp, providing you with a solution to ensure your entryways open and close smoothly. Whether it's a simple adjustment or a more extensive repair, our experienced team will work to restore functionality to your entryways.

Door Won’t Close

Doors that don’t close are kind of useless. Our Newport News door repair experts can locate the cause, whether it’s a misaligned latch, loose door hinges, seized hinged, or a sagging frame. Whatever the cause, from glass doors to exterior doors, our professional handyman service will get you back to having a functional door again, with their expert door repairs in Newport News, VA.

General Wear and Tear

Being lived in leaves its mark on a home. Constant use and aging door materials will leave signs of damage on your doors. Whether you need exterior fiberglass doors, patio doors, or pocket door repair, we can help with expert door repairs in Newport News, VA.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Newport News Door Repair Services

Our simple guarantee is that our work is “On Time. Done Right.®” With professional results that are backed by guarantees and qualified handyman experts, there’s no reason not to schedule your Newport News door repair service today. Our expert team is committed to delivering a high level of professionalism that guarantees customer satisfaction.

With a focus on providing exceptional customer service and excellent service, you can trust that the trustworthy and skilled technicians at Mr. Handyman of Hampton - Newport News will get your job done right and give you complete peace of mind. Just look at what these satisfied customers had to say about us in these customer reviews!

FAQ on Newport News Door Repair

How do I know if I Need Door Repair in Newport News, VA?

Your door may show visible signs of wear and tear, such as dents, holes, and scratches. However, there are also subtle indicators of damage that you might overlook if you're not aware of what to watch for. You may need Newport News door repair if you notice:

  • Excessive noise when you use a door
  • Your door sticks
  • Door sounds hollow.
  • Peeling paint
  • Drafts
  • Your door is getting old
  • Your door isn't staying latched

If you notice any of these signs, speak to one of our excellent customer service representatives and book your service appointment.

When You Need Trusted Newport News Door Repairs, Choose Mr. Handyman

No need to search for ‘door repair near me,’ just call the qualified technicians at Mr. Handyman of Hampton - Newport News. We handle a variety of home improvement, repair, maintenance and installation services, including door and drywall repair. From surface damage to emergency or difficult repairs, our knowledgeable technicians can handle it all, even commercial door services.

Proudly serving the Newport News area, including the communities of Seaford and Yorktown, you can trust our reliable expert to provide you with Newport News door repair, every time.

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