Your attic entry door should provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of your attic. If yours is hard to use or doesn’t function properly, Mr. Handyman’s attic door replacement services can help.

Maybe you’ve never had a convenient way to gain access to your attic. If that’s the case, you need Mr. Handyman’s attic door installation services.

Call Mr. Handyman or request service online to get this project done right.

Unfinished attic with exposed brick walls and wooden floor.

Our Attic Door Services and Process

If you’re having trouble with your attic door, Mr. Handyman will assess it to see what improvements can be made. If it’s in good shape but just needs a few minor repairs, our handymen will take care of it!

If you’ve never had an attic door but you want one, you can count on us! We can install a premade door or build a custom attic door based on your specifications.

Need some steps to access your attic? We provide attic ladder and stair installation services, too.

Once Mr. Handyman arrives at your home, we’ll inspect and, if possible, repair your attic door. If you decide that repair isn’t the best option, we’ll take all the necessary measurements and ask you a few questions to help us either source a premade door or build a custom attic door just for your home.

Whether you’re getting a new door installed or an old one repaired, your new attic door will be safe and easy to use!

Our attic services include:

  • Attic door repair
  • Attic door installation/replacement
  • Crawl space door installation and repair
  • Attic ladder installation and replacement
  • Attic stair installation and replacement
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic remodeling
  • Attic vent fan installation
  • And more!

Attic Door Installation Near Me

Although it’s out of sight, your attic shouldn’t be out of mind. Safe and easy access is key for quick inspection and to access storage items.

When it’s time for a new attic door, give us a call or request service online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I keep my attic door open?

No. Since attics are typically left unfinished, attic doors should be kept closed to prevent your air conditioning from escaping into the attic and increasing your energy bills.

How do you insulate a walk-in attic door?

Insulation methods will vary on a case-by-case basis, so it’s best to get a professional’s opinion. Generally, rigid foam board that is two inches thick is a good option since it can be secured in place, doesn’t itch if it touches your skin when you enter and exit, and can easily be cut to the perfect size. Rubber or foam weather stripping should be used along the edges to seal drafts.

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