Are You Thinking About Installing an Awning Over a Window, Patio, or Deck?

If so, give your local Mr. Handyman a call for all your awning installation needs! A new awning can transform your outdoor deck or patio into a whole new environment. The right awning can take your outdoor home space to the next level, all while protecting family and friends from UV rays and helping everyone get relief from the heat.

An awning helps to create a cool outdoor space for you and your family to relax. Shade from an awning can make a space up to 20 degrees lower than a space in the direct sun. The additional shade from an awning will also help cool your home, helping to keep home energy costs low.

But awnings can be tricky to install, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. That’s why it’s important to hire the right experts to do the job!

A Mr. Handyman technician fixing a gutter.

Custom-designed Residential Awnings

Your local Mr. Handyman can install custom-designed awnings for your home. Give us a call to discuss what type of awning you require for your outdoor space. We’ll take into account all the necessary details and provide you with an estimate on the project.

Our professional awning installers have experience completing projects for many types of decks and patios. No matter how tricky or unique your project is, we are confident we have the perfect solution for you. If you have any questions about our residential awning installation service, call us at your convenience.

Complete Full-Service Awning Installation Service

We install all types and styles of awnings on your home. So whether you already have an awning in mind or need one custom designed, we can help!

The pros at your local Mr. Handyman provide complete services for all awning installations. You won’t have to shop around for another company to do design work -you can rely on us for the whole project. Our awning experts bring years of experience to your home deck or patio, ensuring that your awning provides the shade and protection you and your family are looking for.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Awning Installation?

Mr. Handyman understands that drilling a hole into your home’s exterior walls can be a scary and taxing project. If you’re doing the installation yourself, it can be difficult to navigate the process of placing an awning correctly. Plus, you can easily damage your home’s exterior if you don’t do it properly.

That’s why Mr. Handyman is your go-to for awning installation and other home repair jobs. Our services are fully insured, and all work is completed by highly qualified professionals. When you put your home projects in our hands, you will have peace of mind knowing that it’s completed the right way. That’s our Neighborly Done Right Promise.

Another benefit to hiring Mr. Handyman is the wide variety of services we offer. While we’re there doing your awning installation, our skilled craftsman—with an average of 10 years of experience—can take care of the rest of your to-do list. From crown molding to toilet installation and repair, you can rest easy knowing we have your back.

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