Our fence staining and fence painting services will make your property look great. Mr. Handyman is your one-call solution for all your fencing needs.

Our Fence Staining Services

Selecting a stain with the right color and look is difficult. Should you use semi-transparent or solid stain? Nowadays, many homeowners have more color options other than shades of brown and black. Manufacturers can add pigment to stains now, which can give your fence that “painted” look.

Since we’ve been in this business so long, you can trust us to help you find a stain that’s correct for your type of wood and will give you the look you want. Looking for a different color? We’ll help you find the perfect match!

Our experts will begin by prepping the wood fence for stain. For existing fences this means power washing the fence and replacing damaged boards or posts and broken gate hardware. Next, we’ll prep the area by covering landscapes and hardscapes to protect them from stain splatter and overspray.

Fence Painting You Can Trust

We’ll begin by making any necessary repairs to replace rotten wood boards or damaged hardware. Don’t worry, before we start painting, we’ll take the time to protect landscapes, hardscapes, flowers and shrubs from foot traffic and overspray.

For best adhesion, we’ll prep the surface by removing old paint. Next, we’ll power wash the fence to remove dirt, dust and debris. Once the area is prepped, our experts will get right to work. We’ll either brush or spray the paint on depending on the type of wood and paint we’re working with.

Should I Paint or Stain My Fence?

We recommend using the same type of finish that was on the fence before. If you have raw wood, then we’d recommend stain since it’s more durable and requires less frequent maintenance. However, if you have a painted fence and want to stain it, you must remove all the existing paint to ensure proper adhesion and protection from the stain. The good news is, our fence staining services can take care of that.

Do you like the look of raw wood? Depending on the wood and climate, it’s fine to leave the wood as-is, but it may not last as long and turn gray. Mr. Handyman can help you make these decisions and will even help you find a paint color.

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