Whether the tile countertop of your choice is granite, ceramic or porcelain, you can count on Mr. Handyman for professional tile countertop installation. Tile countertops come in many different styles and color pallets, making them great for just about any kitchen designs. They’re also a very durable and attractive worksurface for cooking and entertaining.

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Tile Countertop Installation

Mr. Handyman will begin by removing the old countertop, if necessary. Next, our experts will prepare the base cabinets for the tile countertop by installing any necessary supports and by leveling the cabinets. Once the area is prepped, we’ll lay the tile based on the manufacturer’s recommendation, which is usually in a bed of thin-set mortar on top of cement boards.

Once the mortar has set, we’ll add a grout color of your choice to fill in the gaps and then take care of all the details, such as the trim and backsplashes. Once that’s cured, we’ll seal the grout to prevent stains.

Full Kitchen Remodeling Help

While we’re there, do you need that sink installed or any kitchen cabinets repaired or replaced? We’re a full-service handyman service, so we can take care of all that, and more, while we’re on the job site, saving you time and money.

Tile Countertop Repair

Is your tile countertop chipped or cracked? The good news is tile countertops can be easily repaired. Our expert handymen can replace damaged tiles and match the grout color so the repair blends with the surrounding area – it’ll look like nothing ever happened!

Tile Countertop Installers Near Me

Give your kitchen a facelift with tile countertop installation services from Mr. Handyman. With years of experience and a commitment to customer service, your satisfaction is our top priority. Give us a call or request service online today!

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