Kitchen backsplashes come in all shapes and sizes, but what are some of the top materials that will look good and stand up to the constant wear and tear of a kitchen?

Read on to learn about the best and most durable backsplash materials for your home.

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Types of Backsplash Materials

Ceramic Tile Backsplash

The most common and durable material for kitchen backsplashes is ceramic tile. This type of tile stands up well against moisture and can be very cost-effective. The downside of this ceramic tile is the learning curve needed to install it.

Stone Backsplash

Natural stone backsplashes are stylish, timeless, unique and can be inexpensive. Since stone is a natural material, each backsplash is a one-of-a-kind. On the negative side, stone is porous, which makes stone backsplashes prone to stains and difficult to clean. The shapes are irregular, which makes installation difficult, too.

Glass Tile and Glass Mosaic Backsplash

These types of tiles are fashionable and add brightness to your space. Glass tile does not fade, which makes it able to stand the test of time. It also doesn’t need to be sealed (just the grout) and is extremely durable. The only downside is how fashion-forward it is — it may not be in style forever.

Metal Tile Backsplash

Metal tile backsplashes are very easy to install and do not require mortar or grout. This makes them one of the easiest backsplash installations, but is not as sturdy as other options. Additionally, metal tiles are easy to wipe down, but can easily be scratched and are unable to be repaired. You can also use faux metal tiles, which are also easy to install but can’t be placed near stoves because they are made out of plastic and can melt.

Brick Backsplash

Brick is extremely durable, easy to install and gives a timeless look. Unfortunately, this type of backsplash is very porous, difficult to clean and requires a special saw for installation.

Alternative Backsplash Options

If you have a small budget or don’t cook in the kitchen often, a painted wall or durable wallpaper are good options. Just be sure to use high-quality paint that’s easy to clean.

Going for a modern industrial look? Stainless steel or raw steel backsplashes are also durable and easy to clean. Raw steel backsplashes will need to be finished to prevent rust, or they can be left alone and allowed to develop a unique patina over time.

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