Is Your Sump Pump No Longer Working Correctly?

Sump pumps are a device that remove the water from a basement when it begins to flood. This is not needed in every single home—rather, it is needed if a home floods regularly or if a home’s basement is built with a shallow water table. Sump pumps can play a critical role in keeping your home dry and clean. Due to how crucial sump pumps are to your home, it is important that a broken one is replaced quickly.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your sump pump:

  • Your sump pump is an antiquated model—such as the pedestal-style.
  • Your sump pump cycles on and off frequently, even with heavy rain.
  • Your sump pump runs for an unusually long time.
  • Your sump pump does not turn on when it needs to.
  • Your sump pump makes an abnormally loud volume when working.

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