In Utah, the homeowners in the city of Sandy maintain a cozy, clean and quiet environment. Exterior doors are important for keeping Sandy homeowners safe and comfortable. When your front door is broken, whether the hinges are too loose or your glass panes are shattered, door repair in Sandy is essential to get your doors back in prime condition. At Mr. Handyman of Holladay, Draper, and Sandy, we always have custom solutions readily available. With exceptional customer service, you can get your doors fixed up in no time!

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About Our Door Repair in Sandy:

Our professionals can tackle a wide variety of door problems. If your door has a broken spring, we can replace it with a functional one. Broken doors can result in costly property damage, such as water damage, if you cannot seal the outside from the inside of your home. Our team of technicians provides an effective solution for your doors. 

Common Sandy Door Repair Services:

  • Opening and Closing Repair: If you are having difficulty opening or closing your door, we can repair this for you. 
  • Crack and Warp Repair: Utah's changing seasons can lead to the warping or cracking of wooden doors over time. In the summer your wooden doors will expand, and contract in the winter. 
  • Squeaky Door Repair: Rattling or squeaky noises coming from your doors can be a great annoyance. Our professionals can figure out why you have a noisy door, and figure out the solution. In most instances, lubricating the hinges does the trick, but sometimes we have to replace them. 
  • Wear-and-Tear Repair: You use your door multiple times a day. After years of heading out the door and coming home from work, your doors will start to wear down, especially if the door gets slammed or closed improperly. If your children have been extra tough on your doors, or if your cats have been scratching on them, we can repair an old door by diagnosing some of its major problems, or even replacing the door entirely. 
  • Broken Doorknob Repair: Sometimes the door handle or door knob will break, in which case we can replace it with a new one for your existing door. 
  • Hinge Repair: Hinges come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, bronze, pewter, and copper. Typically, doors for outdoor use also get rust-resistant finishes. Despite this, your hinges still get worn down and rusty over time due to weather and not adding lubricants to maintain its moisture proof coating. We can replace your worn-out door hinges. We can also tighten loose hinges or loosen tight hinges. 
  • Latch Repair: When your door won’t latch properly, it can pose a safety risk as well as increase your energy bills. When your latch doesn't work, then the issue may likely be that the frame and latch bore don’t line up properly. We can fix this so your door properly latches. 
  • Glass Pane Repair: Glass doors may break, become misaligned, cracked, or foggy. Whatever the problem is with your glass pane door, we can replace it and even make it more waterproof than your previous door. In most cases, we have to replace the glass panes, but we can generally keep the door frame and structure, so it costs less than an installation. 

Why Choose Us For Your Sandy Door Repair:

With our quality service you never have to worry about surprise fees or an overtime charge. We always offer upfront pricing and flat fees once we have assessed the extent of damage your door has. Our customer services involve the Neighborly Done Right Promise, which means that all Sandy homeowners are guaranteed a proper job done. We promise you that no job is done until it is done right. When you choose us, you choose quality workmanship, and all parts are guaranteed. We have a wide range of services beyond your Sandy door repair and can be your all-in-one solution to all your home renovation needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Repair in Sandy:

What types of door material do you have for a door repair in Sandy?

Common door materials that we can repair or replace include:

  • Wood (Composite or Timber)
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl (PVC)
  • Metal (Aluminum/Steel)
  • Glass

How much does it cost for a Sandy door repair?

The price of your door repair in Sandy will vary depending on what diagnostic issues your door has. If we notice that the latches or hinges need repairing, it will be a lower cost in comparison to a glass panel replacement, for example. When our professional technicians arrive to assess the damage to your door, they will be able to provide you with upfront pricing based on their extensive observations. 

Should I get a Sandy door repair or a replacement?

Deciding on whether you should try to salvage your existing door, or just get a new one entirely depends on the damage and age of your door. Most doors can last up to at least 10 years, but sometimes a new door may have extensive damage that would be more costly to repair than to replace. We will recommend the best strategy for your current door based on its condition, and we will only recommend a replacement when necessary. 

Do You Need Professional Door Repair in Sandy? Call Mr. Handyman of Holladay, Draper, and Sandy

Don’t let a broken door latch or door handle get in the way of your safety, comfort, and convenience. Whether you find your monthly energy bills have recently skyrocketed due to a drafty door, or you are tired of forcing the door to shut when the latches are broken, then call our professional team for a door repair in Sandy, or even replacement or installation services. Our repair services are performed by our experienced and professional team. 

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