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Drywall is a key construction material used to create walls and ceilings and enhance design elements like eaves and arches. Damage to drywall can affect your home's safety and structural integrity, requiring quick, reliable repairs and drywall finishing. At Mr. Handyman of Independence and Macedonia, we specialize in drywall repairs and finishing in Independence and Macedonia, OH. We know that not all homeowners have the time to complete their drywall installation or repair, so we ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly. Call us today to schedule drywall repair services if you need help repairing drywall cracks or damage.  

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Common Problems That Require Drywall Repair and Finishing   

Don’t waste time or money trying to repair drywall problems yourself. Our team of home service professionals has the skill, tools, and expertise needed to assess the job and determine the most effective solution quickly. We ensure that all drywall repairs and finishing services are completed correctly the first time, so your home maintains its comfort, beauty, and value. Call us today to schedule repairs for any of these common drywall problems:  

  • No insulation or damaged insulation. 
  • Water damage. 
  • Improper installation or low-quality materials. 
  • Bad drywall finishing.  
  • Separating seams. 
  • Cracked, tight, or damaged joints. 
  • Poorly cut drywall. 
  • Bubbles or blisters on drywall. 
  • Scuffs, marks, and stains. 
  • Warping or cracking. 
  • Deeply embedded screws. 
  • Hanging joints. 
  • Holes. 
  • Denting. 
  • Nail popping. 
  • Pest and insect damage.  

Our Drywall Repair Services   

Our team knows that drywall repair is hard work and that repairing drywall cracks, dents, and other damage requires special tools and skills. We arrive on the job with the right tools and equipment to handle any drywall issue and ensure it’s fixed quickly and correctly. Our drywall repair services include patching, repairing drywall damage, and installing new drywall. No matter how big or small the issue, we can take care of it professionally and ensure no damage to your home. In addition to drywall repair services, we identify the underlying cause of your drywall damage, such as roof leaks or poor ventilation. We then take proactive steps to solve the problem by completing home repair services so you won’t continue to have drywall issues. If drywall problems are too extensive or significant to repair, we will install new drywall.   

Our Drywall Finishing Services  

Drywall finishing creates a smooth, attractive wall or ceiling ready for a fresh coat of paint. Drywall finishing is an art form, and our professionals ensure a seamless, professional result. Our drywall finishing services include:  

  • Drywall mudding 
  • Drywall painting 
  • Drywall sanding 
  • Drywall seam and joint taping  

We Do More Than Repairing Drywall Cracks  

At Mr. Handyman of Independence and Macedonia, our team can handle more than just repairing drywall cracks. We will investigate the reason behind your drywall damage and either make repair recommendations or complete the repairs ourselves. We’re proud to be a member of the Neighborly Family of home service professionals. Our drywall services also include:  

  • Cement board repairs and finishing 
  • Green board repairs and finishing 
  • Gypsum board repairs and finishing  

Schedule Drywall Finishing Services in Independence, OH  

Call us today to schedule service for drywall repair and finishing in Independence or Macedonia, OH. A member of our team of skilled, experienced home repair professionals will visit your home to assess the condition of your drywall. We’ll then offer our professional opinion on whether you need drywall repairs or installation.   

Mr. Handyman of Independence and Macedonia proudly serves Bedford, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Cleveland, Independence, Macedonia, Maple Heights, Northfield, Solon, and Twinsburg.