Professional Handyman Repairs, Installation, & More

Repairs, maintenance, and other home improvement tasks come easy to some. To others, handling even just one home repair can be too much to handle – that's where Mr. Handyman of Johnson City comes in. We're comprised of does, equipped with trusted tools and processes ready to help you cross off every item on your to-do list or bring your home remodeling ideas to life.

Our Business Story

Bill originally owned a metal and machine shop in Florida for 20 years. In 2019, Bill sold it and moved the family to Johnson City. He and his wife, Charity, wanted to move closer to Charity's family, so a move to the Appalachian Mountains just made sense – the two couldn't wait to experience all four seasons once again.

Once the couple bought a home in Johnson City, Bill got to work on repairs and renovation needed to make this their forever home. He noticed something quickly – there was a need for an honest, skilled, and quality home repair business in their neck of the woods.

With Bill's background in running a business and Charity's experience managing multiple households for most of her life, the two decided to partner with Mr. Handyman to provide customer-focused home services to the Tri-Cities and other nearby areas. Mr. Handyman of Johnson City was opened in 2021 and is a 100% locally operated and family owned company.

We’re supported by a professional team of craftsmen and customer service representatives that are sure to make your next service an absolute breeze from start to finish.


We're committed to helping our community grow and prosper as we grow. From our rich Appalachian history to our college town roots, there's a whole lot to love in Johnson City and the surrounding areas. Our community is unique. Our owners and team enjoy living and playing within our community – and continuing to serve in more ways than one.

We sponsor local Johnson City sporting events and attend them regularly, participate in numerous community service events for the elderly around our community, and regularly donate to various charities that give back to our community.

What Else Sets Mr. Handyman of Johnson City Apart From The Competition?

Our team at Mr. Handyman of Johnson City comes from all over the country. While some come directly from the Tri-Citi and Johnson City area, we work with some handymen that come from other states – they too have moved here to escape the crowded city and enjoy the change of seasons!

Customers continue to turn to our team because of our dedication to our community and the quality of service we provide. Three main things that continue to set us apart from others include our attention to:

  • Customer Service – We're here to serve you. If you're ever unhappy with a service we provide, we'll work with you personally to resolve the issue and make things right.
  • Communication – We offer clear and consistent communication throughout the project's entirety. Whether that's furniture assembly or a bathroom remodel, you'll be up to date on the progress.
  • Craftsmanship – We work with a team of mostly carpenters and handymen by trade with 25+ years of experience. Regardless of what you need, you can expect an outcome that is done right and backed by a national provider.

We want to provide you with the best service possible for your home. Whatever you need, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today.

Get help with your next home improvement project in Johnson City – to learn more!