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Mr. Handyman of N Kansas City, Liberty and Gladstone understands that efficient access to your attic should be accessible in Missouri. Our expert team specializes in attic stairs installation and attic door installation, providing you with robust, secure, and easy-to-use solutions. Accessing your attic should be as simple as walking through an ordinary door, no matter how high or tucked away. Let us elevate your home's functionality while ensuring safety with our top-notch installations. Trust us, and you'll see why so many customers rely on our services for their attic access needs. Contact us today for an estimate for service.

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Efficient Attic Stairs Installation

Attics are incredibly convenient for storing items you don't necessarily want out in your living space. Stowing your belongings away in these spaces should be easy, but when your attic door or stairway starts to creak, it may be time to call a professional. Our experts are happy to evaluate whether your attic entryways are old or damaged. We are trained to repair or replace them so you can safely maneuver climbing up and down from your attic. We offer many solutions to your situation at a reasonable cost, so all you must do is call us to start the process.  

Basics to Install an Attic Door  

Installing an attic door comes with many basic requirements. These include the type of framing, sizing, and material needed to provide an effective mechanism for storing your items in your home. Typically, attics fit within a 24-inch floor joist or truss spacing. If you have a more significant gap between the spacing to install a ladder, additional framing will be required to ensure everything fits appropriately. The heavier the ladder, the sturdier it will be. So, we recommend installing one that can handle the weight of the heaviest person using it, plus the heaviest load they can haul up the ladder. If you want added features to your attic ladder, we can install handrails, a folding mechanism, a specialized angle for convenience, and more. We can also provide insulation for added protection.  

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions  

If you have questions, we are here to help you understand our services and how we perform them. The quality of your experience is our top priority, and if you don't see your question answered below, feel free to contact us!  

Are attic access stairs a code requirement? 

Usually, yes. However, because the building rules can change depending on the place and even the local area, it's a good idea to work with someone who's done this before (like us). We know all about the rules that apply specifically to where you live.  

What is the best attic ladder?  

It's essential to have a ladder or stairs for your attic that you're comfortable using and that work well. There are loads of different types, and what you can get might depend on how it needs to be installed, what the building rules are, and how much money you want to spend.   

What is the rough opening for an attic ladder?  

The normal size for an attic ladder hole is about 22.5 inches by 54 inches. But remember, attic ladders come in lots of different types. Before you start cutting the hole, make sure to check the instructions that come with your specific ladder.  

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Mr. Handyman of N Kansas City, Liberty and Gladstone takes pride in delivering high-quality attic door and stairs installations. Our experienced handymen understand the importance of safe and secure access to your attic space and provide services that uphold the highest industry standards. We invite you to connect with us today and experience the convenience, safety, and peace of mind from our reliable and professional service. Remember, your satisfaction is our reward. Contact us today for service.  

Mr. Handyman of N. Kansas City, Liberty and Gladstone proudly serves Kansas City, Kearney, Liberty Missouri City, Riverside, and Smithville. 

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