As homeowners, we take pride in our homes, with their charm, curb appeal, and unique characteristics that make them ours. In Littleton, Colorado, where the allure of majestic landscapes and pristine neighborhoods beckons, we come home after a long day at work and want to enjoy our outdoor space. But looking at your home and seeing the years of grime on your walls and the moss on the walkway, you realize that amidst the comings and goings of life, we often forget one simple yet transformative thing that could make our house shine—washing the exterior. This simple pressure washing task by your local Littleton handyman expert will breathe new life into your home, removing years of built-up neglect.

Mr. Handyman of Littleton, Columbine and Morrison understands that over time the elements and daily wear can leave a house looking lackluster and dulling its once vibrant charm. That is why their Littleton pressure washing services, from a team of professional technicians, will make grime and dirt become relics of the past and ensure your home's true radiance emerges. Contact us today to learn more or to book a pressure washing in Littleton, CO. Your home will regain its lost glory, an unwavering pride. Let us help your home’s exterior shine again.

Our Littleton Pressure Washing Services

A pressure washer or power washer service is a powerful cleaning solution that is a professional service utilized by our technicians to remove dirt, grime, mold, and other stubborn substances from various outdoor surfaces. It operates by utilizing a high-pressure spray of water, which can be adjusted to different levels depending on the cleaning task at hand. For homeowners looking to utilize this service, understanding the components is essential.

The main parts include a motor or engine, a water pump, a high-pressure hose reel, a trigger spray gun or wand, and various nozzle attachments, all attached to a water source. The models will vary from gas to electric models and either need a power source or will be cordless models. There are different flow rates based on flat surfaces or vertical surfaces that are being cleaned and are more powerful than your average garden hose.

When our expert Littleton handyman arrives, they will usually follow a set number of steps to ensure your exterior surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and the job is carried out to exceed customer satisfaction. These steps are:

  • assessment of the cleaning requirements
  • selection of the appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions or detergents
  • preparation of the area to be cleaned
  • application of the cleaning agents
  • finally, the actual pressure washing

Adjusting the spray settings is an important step after the inspection or assessment of the surface. Since we’re using enhanced cleaning power, knowing which pressure setting is right will ensure a safe and proper cleaning process.

Understand PSI & Different PSI Models

PSI, or “pounds per square inch,” is a measuring unit used to gauge the pressure produced by a pressure washer. It refers to the force at which water is expelled from the nozzle of the pressure washer. A higher PSI range and rating indicate a greater force and pressure of water being emitted.

When considering pressure washing services, understanding the PSI can be important to ensure that the appropriate level of pressure is used for different surfaces. Some surfaces, such as concrete or brick, can withstand higher PSI levels, while more delicate surfaces like wood or certain types of siding may require lower PSI to prevent damage.

At Mr. Handyman, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to determine the optimal PSI level for each specific surface, ensuring effective and safe cleaning results without causing any harm. We take pride in utilizing the right combination of pressure and technique to achieve the desired outcome for your pressure-washing needs in Littleton, Colorado.

The different PSI levels used in our pressure washing services:

  • Low PSI (800-1500): Suitable for delicate surfaces such as wood, vinyl siding, or painted surfaces. This level of soft washing pressure helps to avoid damage while effectively removing dirt, grime, and mildew.
  • Medium PSI (1500-2500): Ideal for most general cleaning tasks, including driveways, sidewalks, fences, and decks. This range provides enough pressure to remove tougher stains, grease, and algae without causing harm to the surface.
  • High PSI (2500-3500): Reserved for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, like concrete surfaces, brick, or removing thick layers of grime. The increased force of water helps tackle stubborn stains, oil, and deep-rooted dirt.
  • Industrial PSI (3500+): Utilized for industrial and commercial applications where extreme pressure is needed to handle heavy-duty tasks like graffiti removal, paint stripping, or large-scale cleaning projects.

It's important to note that an appropriate PSI level may vary depending on the specific circumstances and what surface is being cleaned. Consulting with our handyman professionals ensures a correct PSI level is chosen to achieve optimal cleaning results while protecting the integrity of the surface.

Surfaces That Benefit From Our Littleton Pressure Washing Services

We are your local service professionals to assist you with a wide range of services around your home or business, including pressure washing in Littleton, CO. Our service technicians have high-quality tools and expertise to not only clean your surfaces, but they will do it efficiently and safely.

Our skilled team of experts is able to rejuvenate and restore various areas around your exterior. Whether you are looking to revitalize your weathered deck, remove grime from your siding, or bring back the luster of your driveway, we have you covered. Our comprehensive exterior cleaning services include, but are not limited to:


  • House Exteriors & Siding
  • Deck & Patio
  • Driveway & Walkway
  • Fence Restoration
  • Brick & Concrete
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Other Smaller-Scale Projects


  • Parking Lots or Parking Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Buildings

In residential settings, there is less of a need for the more powerful equipment and specialized techniques that are essential to handle the larger scope of work in residential settings. Our Littleton handyman team will ensure that your home or business surfaces will be treated with care and expertise, leaving them looking like new.

Areas We Avoid During Your Littleton Pressure Washing Services

While a Littleton pressure washing service is versatile and effective at cleaning, there are certain items and a type of surfaces that should not be cleaned with our machine due to the risk of damage. 

Here is an example of some:

  • People or animals
  • Delicate surfaces
  • Glass or window cleaning
  • Electrical fixtures & wiring
  • Vehicles
  • Outdoor electronics

It’s important to exercise caution and leave the cleaning to the professionals. They know the appropriate methods for specific surfaces and items around your exterior and will ensure that the cleaning method is safe as well as effective without causing any unnecessary damage.

Reach out to our technicians to learn more about our Littleton pressure washing services or to book your own service call. Our friendly staff is available to book your appointment when you’re ready.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Professional Pressure Washing in Littleton, CO

Whether you need a door installation, siding repair, or drywall repair, Littleton, CO, can count on our expert technicians to answer the call. Our full-service team means we can do a wide variety of handyman services for homeowners and commercial clients. We have many years of experience in the industry, and we keep updated on all the current safety regulations to ensure we are always completing every job safely and efficiently.

Contact our professional team today, and let's get your home’s exterior back in tip-top shape. 

FAQs On Littleton Pressure Washing Services

Can Your Littleton Pressure Washing Service Remove Graffiti Or Oil Stains?

Absolutely! Pressure washing is highly effective in removing tough stains, including graffiti, oil stains, grease, mold, mildew, and dirt, from driveways, patios, and other concrete surfaces without damaging the underlying surface. Our professional equipment and techniques can help restore the original look of your outdoor spaces.

Is Pressure Washing Environmentally Friendly?

At Mr. Handyman, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. We use biodegradable and environmentally safe detergents whenever possible. Additionally, our team follows responsible water usage practices minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

What's The Distinction Between A Power Wash And Pressure Wash?

The terms “power washing” and “pressure washing” are often used interchangeably, and both involve using high-pressure water sprays to clean surfaces. However, there is a subtle difference between the two: the temperature of the water. Pressure washing employs the force of cold water, while power washing uses hot water.

Revitalize Your Exterior With Mr. Handyman! Hire Our Littleton Pressure Washing Services!

Whether you live in the beautiful Littleton or the surrounding areas of Columbine, Morrison, or Lone Tree, we can help cross out everything on your to-do list. Whether it's a small maintenance task or a full-service renovation, you can count on our team.

Contact us today to book your own Littleton pressure washing service, and let us restore the beauty and shine of your outdoor spaces. Experience the Mr. Handyman transformation!