As one of the most prominent design features of a home, doors also serve the important purposes of providing security, privacy, and energy efficiency. With the frequent use that residential doors get, while initially smooth in operation, great looking, and secure, over time, doors can become creaky, stiff, battered, and weak. That's where our dedicated services really show their value for your door repair in Martinsburg, WV. Building a new home? Need a replacement door? We also offer door installation in Martinsburg, WV!

As your dedicated Martinsburg handyman, we aim for complete customer satisfaction in all that we do. With our quality services, top-rated local pros, and solutions for many types of doors, you can count on the professional team at Mr. Handyman of Martinsburg and Charles Town for next-level service. 

We know you have a choice when it comes to door installation and door repair in Martinsburg, WV. Why choose Mr. Handyman? We invite you to read on to discover more about the comprehensive range of solutions we offer. 

About Our Dedicated Door Installation and Door Repair in Martinsburg, WV

The minute you notice door damage, you should call for a repair right away. When you do, you'll be greeted by our friendly customer service team, who will help you book a convenient appointment time. On your service day, our dedicated team will arrive on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work. We'll arrive with all of the tools and equipment we need for the job and will only use quality materials and parts for your repair.

As for door installation, you can expect a similar process, but if you already have an existing door, we'll need to remove it before we can install the new one. Be sure to inform us of the type of door you will be installing and to have it ready for installation on your service date. Past that, you won't need to lift a finger to complete your door installation in Martinsburg, WV. All you have to do is open the door. Read on for more information on the types of services we offer to help increase your home's curb appeal, security, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Interior Door Installation and Repair

Even though doors might seem like very basic parts of your home, there’s a lot that can go wrong. From hardware issues, like broken hinges and knobs, to structural and framing problems, door issues are inconvenient for you and your family. The team of service professionals at your local Mr. Handyman has the experience needed to get your door working the way you want it to.

Exterior Door Installation and Replacement

Our home improvement professionals understand how to make doors swing or slide smoothly and quietly, close naturally and lock and unlock easily. We also know that exterior doors are especially important. There’s nothing worse than drafts in winter or cool air escaping in the summer. We’re committed to making sure that all your doors look and work the way they’re supposed to.

Patio Door Installation and Repair

A patio door shouldn’t impede the flow of traffic in or outside your home. Whether your patio door doesn’t swing like it used to, the latch is broken, or the closing mechanism is busted, our experts can help. We’ll service each and every component of your patio door or install a brand-new one if the old one is past the point of repair.

Screen Door Installation and Repair

Keep the bugs where they belong (outside!) with Mr. Handyman’s screen door installation and repair services. Our experts can replace existing doors or help you find the perfect screen door to complement your home. We also replace torn or ripped screens.

Sliding Door Installation and Repair

If your sliding door doesn’t slide like it used to, Mr. Handyman can help. We repair broken rollers, replace busted tracks and more. If you’re ready to install a brand-new sliding door – no matter where it is or what material it’s made of – you can count on us.

Pet Door Installation and Repair

Add a new pet door to your home with help from Mr. Handyman. Whether you want to add a doggy door to your screened-in porch, a solid wood exterior door or a hollow interior door, we can make it happen. We’re happy to help you plan the perfect portal for your pup, or you can have a doggy door ready to install when we arrive ready to work.

Pocket Door Installation and Repair

Pocket doors are perfect for small areas where a swinging door would take up too much space. However, when something goes wrong, it can be difficult to repair since the hardware is hidden. For reliable pocket door installation and repair, call Mr. Handyman.

Barn Door Installation and Repair

Barn doors are a great-looking and functional addition to any home. With so many uses, installation options and types of hardware, selecting one can feel overwhelming. Mr. Handyman is here to help! We answer all your questions regarding barn door selection and hardware and perform expert installation!

Keyless Entry Installation and Replacement

For years, keyless entry has been a popular feature on cars, but the technology is also available for your home. When you enlist the help of Mr. Handyman for keyless entry system installation at your house, you can ditch the key under the mat or the fake rock.

Storm Door Installation and Replacement

Mr. Handyman provides Storm Door Installation and Replacement services. Please contact us for more information!

Door Closer Installation and Repair

Tired of people leaving the door open at your home? You need an automatic door closer! These simple devices attach to the existing doorframe and can be installed on just about any door in your home. Mr. Handyman will take care of the project from start to finish with ease and minimal disturbance to your daily routine.

Common Door Issues We Can Repair

Our experienced technicians have the skills and expertise to repair all door issues efficiently. Whether you need a simple hinge adjustment, a lock repair, or a complete frame replacement, we can handle it all.

We specialize in repairing a wide range of common door issues, including:

  • Squeaky Hinges
  • Misaligned Doors
  • Damaged Door Frames
  • Sticking Locks
  • Worn-Out Weatherstripping
  • Broken or Loose Door Handles
  • Sliding Door Track Repairs
  • Warped or Swollen Doors
  • Cracked or Damaged Glass Panels
  • Faulty Door Closers

Need a Door Installed or Replaced? We Can Help. Our skilled handymen have the expertise to handle various door installations. We offer professional installation services for a wide range of doors, including:

  • Entry doors
  • Interior doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Patio doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Storm doors
  • Screen doors
  • Closet doors

Whether you're looking to upgrade your entryway, improve room aesthetics, or enhance outdoor access, give us a call. We provide reliable and efficient door installation services tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Door Repair in Martinsburg, WV?

100+ Years of Combined Handyman Experience

Are you finally getting around to fixing that damaged door frame? Or do you need help with your exterior door installation project? Give Mr. Handyman of Martinsburg and Charles Town a call! Each of our craftsmen averages 15+ years of experience in the trades.

Whether you need us to install new interior or exterior doors or need help with door repair, we have a solution for you. For your peace of mind, we back our services with a one-year warranty, and we are fully insured with general liability.

Looking for door repair in Martinsburg, WV? Get started today by scheduling your service call online. We look forward to serving you!

At Mr. Handyman of Martinsburg and Charles Town, we’re locally owned and operated by Victor and Tanya Strassberger. Over the 15+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve served several hundred customers throughout the area. We love what we do and especially love helping our fellow neighbors during a time of need.

Why call us to install or repair your doors? Here are a few reasons:

  • We back our door repair and installations with a one-year warranty.
  • We offer one-call door repair solutions.
  • Our handymen average over 15 years of trade experience.
  • We’re Screened and approved on HomeAdvisor.

In addition to our roster of professional services for homeowners like you, we also offer a spectrum of services for business owners to enhance their properties and perform annual maintenance. From drywall services and window repair to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we aim to be the one-call solution to help polish off your home's to-do list!

You’re welcome to check out our reviews to see why our customers love our services. To schedule your door repair service, request an appointment online!

Door Repair and Installation FAQs

What are the Signs I Need Door Repair in Martinsburg, WV?

When you need door repair, you'll often know it. But understanding the severity of the signs is a different story, and in some cases, damage can be sneaky, resulting in costly repairs in the future instead of small fixes in the present. Would you like to nip problems in the bud and deal with door issues promptly? Be on the lookout for the following signs you need door repair in Martinsburg, WV:

  • Cracks, chips & dents: These signs may seem small, but when accumulated or left to their own devices, they could lead to serious issues with your door. Small cracks can continue to expand while chips will continue to peel, leaving your wooden door susceptible to wood rot and degradation. 
  • Wood rot: This fungus will only affect wooden doors. If you have a composite door, you're in the clear. For those with any type of wooden door, keep an eye out for crumbly, discolored sections. Wood rot spreads quickly, and some forms can even cross non-wooden surfaces and travel inside of your home. 
  • Peeling paint: Wooden doors need to be regularly painted or stained to protect them from the elements. Failure to do this means that your door will be vulnerable to the sun, heat, rain, and wind. This may mean it becomes damaged and needs replacement much earlier than it would if you had stayed on top of maintenance.
  • Gaps & misalignment: When your door is misaligned, it may not close easily or at all. If it was installed improperly, there may be a too-large or too-small gap between the floor and the door or the top of the frame. If you are having trouble closing or opening your door, call for professional door repair in Martinsburg, WV.
  • Broken hardware: Unless you have a swinging door, you'll need a handle or door knob to get through your doors. Front doors, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors also have locks for security. When these pieces aren't working properly, your doors may be stuck closed or cannot lock, leaving your home or rooms vulnerable to intrusion. Broken hardware gives you the chance to switch up to the design of your preference. Opt for basic or decorative hardware, depending on where your door is located.

What are the Benefits of Door Repair in Martinsburg, WV?

Damaged doors look unsightly, have lower curb appeal, and simply aren't secure. Getting a door repair is an easy way to take care of all of the above, ensuring you receive benefits such as:

  • Improved aesthetics: Whether it's your front door or your bathroom door, repairing a damaged door will improve the way your home looks. This makes it more welcoming for guests and more enjoyable for you and your family.
  • Improved security: A front door that is damaged isn't as secure as one that's in perfect condition. Damaged doors are easier for criminals to break into, especially those with broken windows. 
  • Improved energy efficiency: You spend a lot of money heating and cooling your home, but when you have a gap in your front door, that money goes out the window—literally. Temperate indoor air will escape through gaps in your door, causing your HVAC system to work harder and increasing your energy bills.
  • Fewer drafts: A drafty home isn't ideal—especially in the winter. Re-aligning a door or closing up gaps will prevent drafts from coming in through your front door and making your house less comfortable.
  • Fewer pests: Doors are designed to close off your home from the outside world, but when you have holes in them, the outside world can come wandering in. Stop pests in their tracks by getting door repair in Martinsburg, WV.
  • More privacy: Interior doors help section of your home and provide privacy. But if yours won't close or lock, that privacy is depleted. Get your home back into the condition you need it to be with our valued services so you can finally breathe easily. 

How Long Does It Take For a Door Installation in Martinsburg, WV?

A door installation is made up of numerous steps, each one adding time to the overall installation process. The process usually starts with the removal of your current door, but if you have already done that, or if you are installing a door for the first time during the building phase of your house, the overall time of your service will lessen. In many cases, a door installation can be completed in a few hours with a team of two of our skilled technicians. To receive a more personalized estimate for your unique project, we recommend getting in touch with our customer care line today.

How Much Does It Cost For Door Installation in Martinsburg, WV?

Estimating project costs is pretty much impossible without the details of your project. The price of doors varies from type to type, as does the complexity of the project, and our hourly rate will need to be taken into consideration when providing a cost estimate. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your door installation in Martinsburg, WV, is to call our valued team to schedule an appointment. We'll need to discuss the details of your project and ensure all factors are considered. Contact us today to get the process started so we can get you on your way to the door of your dreams!

Call Mr. Handyman For Quality Door Installation and Door Repair in Martinsburg, WV!

Whether you're located in Hedgesville, Ridgeway, Bakerton, or the nearby areas in West Virginia, you can count on our reliable team for door installation and door repair in Martinsburg, WV. Dedicated to providing homeowners with the quality home improvements and solutions they need, when choosing Mr. Handyman of Martinsburg and Charles Town, we aim to exceed your expectations of what these maintenance and remodeling services should look like.

Whether you prioritize on-time arrivals and professional handymen or transparent pricing and guaranteed workmanship, you'll get it all and more when choosing us as your preferred service provider. So don't delay! One call to our valued team today will get you on the right path to resolving your door damage or helping you install the new door your home so desperately needs.

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