Everything You Need To Know About Grab Bar Installation in Memphis, TN

In Memphis, TN, homeowners are there to stay for good because of its welcoming community spirit. But as you grow older in your cozy home, the golden years are not always so golden if you suffer from mobility problems. With age comes the inevitable consequences of not being able to move the same way you used to. Don’t let your safety be compromised and get in the way of you living your life in your beautiful Memphis home; instead, rely on our Mr. Handyman of Memphis for a grab bar installation in Memphis. 

Whether it’s grab bars for the shower or bathroom grab bars, our team is happy to help the community of Memphis homeowners age in place with improved accessibility functions. Keep on reading to learn more about the types of grab bars for the elderly.

Types of Grab Bars To Install In Your Home

Grab bars are usually categorized under either a wall-mounted grab bar or a partial wall-mounted grab bar. See below which type might work best for your needs:

  • Wall-Mounted Grab Bars: This is the standard version, wherein the safety bars are mounted to a wall (at either an angle or vertically) with screws and bolts.
  • Partial Wall-Mounted Grab Bars: These serve the same purpose as a wall-mounted grab bar, but one side of the bar is attached to the wall. This is often mounted to the sidewall of a tub or shower to add extra support in slippery spots. Partial wall-mounted grab bars are extendable, making it extra convenient for users.

Whether or not you want a wall-mounted grab bar or a partial wall-mounted grab bar installation in Memphis, we have a variety of options available, including:

  • Bathtub Mounted: This one has adjustable clamps and is mounted over the outer edge or rim of your bathtub.
  • Vertical: This bar is the most common type for a bathtub because it takes up the least amount of wall space. Vertical grab bars allow you to have a stronger grip to help keep your balance.
  • Horizontal: Horizontal grab bars are ideal for getting extra support when you are entering and leaving your tub. They are usually used for people who need mobility support and are especially ideal for wheelchair users.
  • Diagonal: Diagonal grab bars are the most versatile, as they can be installed at various heights to allow for easier convenience in how your hand grabs the bar.
  • Suction: Suction grab bars are common in showers because they are easier to install than a traditional mounted bar. They are attached to the wall with suction cups and are used as a temporary solution because they cannot support the entirety of your weight. These are perhaps helpful for younger children, but you still need to consider that these bars are not as stable and durable as when we mount them to the wall.
  • Folding: When you have a small bathroom area, these grab bars can fold up whenever you need to use it, and then back down whenever you’re done with its use. This grab bar is typically useful around the toilet, as it can provide additional support and convenience more than a regular grab bar.
  • Free Standing: These grab bars are installed from floor to ceiling, almost like a fire pole. They are typically installed beside the bathtub or shower to help with entering and exiting. But there are also free standing grab bars that can be installed beside the toilet area.

Shower Grab Bars:

Shower grab bars are the most universally used. Slipping in the shower is one of the most common and dangerous home accidents. While many people take preventative measures by adding slip proof mats, sitting on slip proof stools, or other inexpensive remedies. However, the best investment you can make for your safety in the shower is a grab bar installation. While more expensive than slip proof mats, grab bars are extremely affordable home remodeling options, and much more sustainable and convenient for your showering safety.

  • Easier to Clean: Grab bars are made from quality stainless steel, so they are easy to clean, unlike shower mats, where you need to clean the buildup of soap scum and mildew, you can simply wipe the grab bar so you can avoid bending down and risking any accidents. Not only this, but they are stainless steel, so they are rust-free.
  • Offers More Support: Grab bars are designed to have a grip, so they are textured to give you something to hold onto securely, even when you’re wet.
  • Avoiding Other Bathroom Damage: Some people may grab onto other areas of the bathroom when they are entering and exiting the bath. This means you can risk pulling out your towel bar, or shower rack, if you have the habit of holding onto them for support.

Grab Bars for Elderly: Aging In Place

Our team at Mr. Handyman of Memphis wants you to enjoy your home comfortably throughout your golden years, which is why we created our aging in place home services. Aging in place is inspired by people who don’t want to leave their homes, even in their elder years. When you decide to age in place, your home is remodeled to fit your needs rather than you moving to find a place that meets your needs. Our professional team understands that there is a diverse group of homeowners, including people who need extra special accommodations made to their homes. That’s why we proudly offer special handyman services that are designed to help elders and people with mobility drawbacks in their Memphis homes. Our safety and mobility services include a variety of services, including grab bar installations in Memphis, here are some of the following services we also have available:

  • Installation of guardrails and handrails.
  • Assembly of more suitable furniture.
  • Widening of doorways.
  • Raising of toilet seats.
  • The upgrading of cabinet and door handles.

Learn more about the safety and mobility modifications Mr. Handyman can complete to enhance safety and functionality.

Age in Place Safely: Call Mr. Handyman for Grab Bar Installations in Memphis!

Luckily, as you get older, there is help to advance your quality of life. The team at Mr. Handyman can help you minimize the risk of falls by offering a wide range of safety and mobility services. If you are wondering if it is a good idea to schedule a grab bar installation in Memphis, then it’s likely that you need one. They are a great way to start setting up your home for your golden years, so you can have peace of mind that your home will be more accessible and comfortable for you.
Prevent future falls and get your grab bar installation scheduled with our team at Mr. Handyman of Memphis today!