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We know you love your home. Home is where you are most comfortable; it’s your little sanctuary away from the world and where you can display all your favorite knick-knacks and hang up those embarrassing family photos. Home is where you raised your family, held countless dinners with friends, and enjoyed game day parties and quiet nights curled up with a good book on the sofa. This is the place you have made your own over the years, and as cliché as it sounds, there really is no place like home. As you get older, the last thing you want is to give up this haven; therefore, it’s time to consider aging in place in Memphis, TN.

If given the choice, we know you would like to stay in your home as you grow older. Mr. Handyman of Memphis can help you do just that. Our home improvement experts will help you make the renovations you need so you can stay in your home as you move into your golden years. Get started with your safety and accessibility modifications by hiring a professional and experienced Memphis handyman.

Learn About the Wide Range of Options for Aging in Place in Memphis

We know the majority of Memphis residents would choose to stay in their homes for as long as they can. That’s why Mr. Handyman of Memphis is here to help you do just that with a variety of senior home services designed to facilitate your everyday living environment.

As your go-to Memphis handyman professionals, we’ll use our years of knowledge and expertise to address all your home improvement needs, so you can remain in your home and age in place in Memphis—your forever home. 

Check out some of our popular services for aging in place remodeling in Memphis. Allow our experienced and certified team members to make your home safer and more accessible for you.

Flooring Installation and Repair

Your floors can take a lot from you. Day after day, they put up with dirt from your shoes to chairs screeching across the floor to your dog tracking in mud from the garden. Through the years, they’ve taken it all: scuff marks, buckles, warps, and cracks. As you get older, you might find your feet tripping on your old wood floors, or find the floor in your bathroom has become more slippery than it was before. Don’t worry, our flooring experts can help you with your floor repair and installation needs. We offer tile, linoleum, vinyl, wood, and laminate flooring repair and installation services.

Whether you need tiles with more traction or want to fix those catching spots in your wood floors, your local Mr. Handyman professional is here to help.

Grab Bars Installation

As you age, it may become harder to maneuver around your home. Installing grab bars can help improve your home’s safety, especially around naturally slippery places such as your bathroom. Our handyman experts can install a variety of grab bars to best accommodate your needs as you age in place in Memphis.

The purpose of a grab bar is to provide support for those with difficulties, either lowering themselves into a seated position or rising to a standing position. There are several options available for you to consider if you wish to have one installed. Typically, grab bars fall under a few categories. 

  • A wall-mounted grab bar is considered the more basic and standardized version. It is mounted to a wall with screws and bolts and comes as either an angeled or vertical bar. 
  • A partial wall-mounted grab bar serves the same purpose as the wall-mounted version, but one side of the bar is attached to the wall. This version is often mounted to the sidewall of a tub or shower area and provides extra assistance for those maneuvering in, out, and around the tub, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and losing your balance. A partial wall-mounted grab bar is also extendable, providing for more ease of use.

Your Memphis handyman can install all types of grab bars, depending on your mobility needs. The standard types of grab bars we install include:

  • Bathtub Mounted: This one has clamps that can be adjusted and is mounted over the outer edge or rim of your bathtub.
  • Vertical: This bar is the most common type for a bathtub, as it allows you to have a stronger quip to help keep your balance and takes up less wall space.
  • Horizontal: This bar allows you to move around more and allows you to stand and get in and out of the bathtub easier, especially if you use a wheelchair. 
  • Diagonal: This is considered the most versatile type of grab bar for aging in place in Memphis, as it can be placed at varying heights and allows for greater flexibility in how your hand grabs the bar. 
  • Suction: These bars are becoming more common in the shower area as they are easier to install compared to a traditional mounted unit. Typically attached to the wall with suction cups, they are often considered a temporary solution and do not support your full body weight. 
  • Folding: This one can fold down or up when you need it, making it ideal for smaller spaces. This bar is best used around your toilet, as its more streamlined shape provides additional support compared to more conventional grab bars.
  • Free Standing: Unlike traditional grab bars, this one goes from floor to ceiling, typically beside the bathtub or shower, to help with exit and entering. Special varieties also are available for the toilet area.

Contact us today to find out which grab bar is right for you, and our Memphis handyman team will do the necessary inspection at your home to ensure you get the best products and services.

Doorknob Replacement

Doors are the entryways to our home and provide you with much-needed privacy inside your home. As you age, you may find that standard doorknobs aren’t as easy to use, especially if you have arthritis or other physical limitations affecting your wrists. Your Memphis handyman can upgrade all your doorknobs to lever-style handles, allowing you to open and close your doors with better ease. When you book a consultation for your aging in place modifications in Memphis, rest assured that we’ll include the functionality of your doors and their components.

Cabinet Handles and Pulls Replacement

Your cabinets store a variety of things, such as fine china, tupperware, cleaning supplies, or even your emergency chocolate stash. It's important to be able to open and close your cabinets easily, but it can be hard if you can't grip the knob easily anymore. Our experts can install new, user-friendly hardware for your cabinets and also repair them. This way, nobody will notice when you sneak a bite from your candy stash.

Choose Your Memphis Mr. Handyman For Your Age in Place Remodeling in Memphis

Everyone deserves to be able to age in place peacefully. It's important to prepare and talk to your Memphis handyman about what you need for your forever home. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in being your trusted Memphis handyman service and in being good neighbors. Our specialists for aging in place in Memphis are skilled and passionate about making your home more senior-friendly, so you can trust us to take care of everything.

Our dedicated service technicians at Mr. Handyman of Memphis have an average of ten years of experience, so you know that they have seen and handled anything you can throw at them. They also keep their work updated with the most recent fire and electricity code standards.

Your Memphis handyman technician will show up to your scheduled appointment in a timely manner in a marked vehicle full of supplies. If you so choose, they will work with the materials you picked or will pick them up for you for a fee. You pay only for the time needed to complete the work, and you know the work will be done right with our Neighborly Done Right Promise™

If you’re still undecided about moving forward, we invite you to check out our customer reviews to see what other customers have to say about our aging in place services, including bathroom remodel, door installation, tile repair, and much more!

Contact us today to check out our handyman services for seniors.

Aging in Place in Memphis FAQs

How can I best prepare my home for when I get older?

Aging in place means that older people have the help they need to live safely and independently in their own homes and communities. More and more Memphis homeowners over 50 are choosing to stay in their homes into their elder years, and they need services that allow them to live in comfort with the appropriate accommodations they need to age in place.

As you approach your senior years, it is important that you make the needed renovations, remodeling or changes to your home, so you can live hassle-free. Whether it’s small fixes like replacing the doorknobs or renovating your kitchen so it’s more accessible for you, these things will allow you to live in your home comfortably as you age. Contact us and consult with a handyman for seniors to find out how you can prepare your home so you can happily age in place in Memphis.

What rooms need the most work for me to age in place?

While all rooms in your home can have upgrades made to them to make them more accessible, the kitchen and bathrooms tend to be the rooms where you can make the biggest difference. In the kitchen, it can be reconfigured to make it easy to move around, or new cabinet knobs and handles can make it easier to open doors. In the bathroom, grab bars can allow you to move around more easily. Speak to your handyman professional today to find out what changes will make the most difference in your home during projects for aging in place in Memphis.

Your Search for “Aging in Place Near Me” Ends With Mr. Handyman—Contact Us Today

When you look for certified aging in place home modifications, the team at Mr. Handyman of Memphis knows you love your home and want you to stay in it for as long as you want. That’s why we offer a variety of services to allow you to enjoy your home as you get older.

We proudly provide handyman services in Memphis and nearby areas such as Arlington, Brunswick, Collierville, Cordova, Eads, Ellendale, Gallaway, Germantown, Hernando, Kennesaw, Millington, Olive Branch, and Southaven. Our services are designed to help you in your home as you age.

Whether you need new floors, a grab bar installed, or your door knob replaced, we have your critical home repairs covered. Contact us today and find out how we can help you enjoy senior living in your home. We’re here to restore your peace of mind and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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