Although the village of Maryville is just a small and bustling suburb just outside of Illinois it’s well known to be one of the most inviting places to live.

On a hunch, you can tell that Maryville residents are appreciative of architectural masterpieces and walk the talk by upgrading their homes to the latest features and interior designs. As a tight-knit community, this growing town is considered one of the most comfortable places to live in Illinois for families and younger professionals with most people owning their homes. Despite the affordable lifestyle, Maryville offers if you neglect regular home maintenance repairs you’re bound to run into a Maryville handyman sooner or later. As a more northern state, Maryville showcases a more temperate climate with moderate winters so some home repairs may take precedence over others. Although the hustle and bustle is definitely more easygoing in comparison to a big metropolis like Chicago it can still be bothersome to do a home renovation project, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. From the more tedious repairs and maintenance to the bulkier installations, you can be at your wit’s end knowing where to begin.

We always recommend hiring an experienced, fully insured handyman in Maryville, IL, for your home improvement project. The local experts at Mr. Handyman of Metro East are trained professionals and have many years of experience in home improvement and offer the triple threat package of carpentry, electrical, and even plumbing for your interior and exterior home services needs. Regardless of the feat of the task, we are raring to go. 

Most Favored Services Requested For Our Maryville Handyman Experts

As a local from Maryville, you may not get as much attraction as your neighboring big cities but you have all the facilities required to be on the go. But one thing we advise not skimping on is a trustworthy contractor and searching “handyman near me” is a futile attempt to go down the rabbit hole of inviting more shoddy technicians. Our Maryville handyman team members fight half the battle because you know they are certified, accredited professionals that adhere to industry standards. They are here to be of service from more minuscule tweaks here and there to tackle the extensive renovations that genuinely boost your property value. 

Our Credible Maryville Handyman Services

As a more quaint city, Maryville boasts that small Americano vibe that bigger metropolises will never quite understand. Although older homes have a rustic appeal that Maryville residents should admire there’s always an upgrade that can better compliment your home. From floor and window repair to kitchen remodeling a skilled Maryville handyman will bring your house into the modern era and make it suitable to your lifestyle and personality. Here are some of the services we offer:

Floor Repair: From Tattered Carpet or Creaky Floorboards We Got You Covered!

With constant foot traffic, it’s no wonder your home’s performance stage looks battered. Even if you’re a germaphobe and have shampooed your carpet regularly over the years eventually it’ll lose that shiny luster as its fibers become matted out. And that staircase laminate or hardwood may have gotten scruffy due to scratches, dents, and peeling layers. Whether a carpet needs to be patched up or your flooring needs to be replaced or refinished we mend any damages licky-split. We offer carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood repairs, and installations. If you’re corned about how expensive the upkeep of a floor is we even discuss flooring options that are the most cost-effective for different areas of your home and offer cheaper substitutes like vinyl a plastic-based PVC material that has all the razzle and dazzle of tile by imitation but is a fraction of the cost.

Kitchen Remodeling: Squeaky Or Loose Cabinet Hinges Got You Unsettled? 

Let’s face it, you can’t be a master chef if your kitchen looks shabby. We understand there are so many details to a remodeling project that you may be overthinking from selecting the shape, size, and color of all components to hiring the appropriate contractor. The best part is that our Maryville handyman streamlines the remodeling process for you as they are trained to multitask and can take care of most of the remodel. For example, one of our specialty areas is tweaking loose cabinet hinges so they fit your shelves snuggly. Our technicians will take the proper measurements and correct the latched-on bolt so that your shelf is no longer wobbly. We can even go ahead and spruce up your cabinets by replacing the knobs, also known as drawer pulls, by upgrading them with a different style, shape, and color and making your kitchen’s aesthetic pop. 

Window Repair: We All Know A Stuck Window Latch Dampens Your Mood…

Your window is equivalent to the smile of your home. It allows you to bask in the warmth by allowing sunlight to filter into your humble abode to give you that much-needed vitamin D. A window is not something you want to cheap out on as it’s a fixture you’ll use constantly. You don’t necessarily only want to invest in a repair if your glass is broken too. There are other subtle repairs our Maryville handyman can perform, for example, a busted window latch. If your window latch is jammed this can be due to either a broken window frame damaged from weather, debris, or leaks. Or it can also be a faulty window mechanism due to a damaged lock, hinge, or crank lever–all things our expert can correct. We offer other window repair services, from defogging windows and fixing screens to mending broken seals. 

Why We Are The First-Class Exception

Mr. Handyman of Metro East offers certified and fully insured technicians who are well-seasoned experts with years of experience offering quality workmanship by representing us for nearly 25 years. Our reputable handyman in Maryville, IL, has the tenacity to do the job right the first time offering the ultimate customer satisfaction offering advice and referrals like we would a good friend. We adjust to your convenience and arrive at your service appointment promptly and address any questions or concerns you may have before beginning. Upon completion, they’ll thoroughly clean up and discard any rubble before departing. 

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We know a Maryville handyman will align with your tastes and preferences for a professional home improvement service so your best bet is to opt for Mr. Handyman of Metro East. Regardless of a minor tweak here and there or tackling a big home remodeling project our uniformed Maryville technicians will show up, all the same, ready to be of assistance. 

We want to share our dependable handyman services with everyone in the surrounding areas of the Metro East. If you’re ready, set, and go to book an appointment or still hesitant and have more questions feel free to book a free consultation appointment, and one of our courteous customer service representatives will take you one step closer to having that dream home.