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Between monthly mortgage payments, utility bills, property taxes, and unexpected maintenance costs, owning your first home in Cherry Hill, NJ and surrounding can be expensive. Let Mr. Handyman of Moorestown – Haddonfield – Voorhees help keep costs low. Our caulking services can protect your home from water damage, lower your energy, and let you focus on maintenance with the greatest return on investment. Each of our seasoned technicians can perform any sealing job you could need. Whether you need to help sealing windows, kitchen countertops, or bathrooms, we’ll seal every gap and crack in your Cherry Hill home. Learn more about our caulking services by requesting service today! 

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Where You Could Use Our Caulking Solutions 

Caulk is a very simple product that doesn’t make a big change to the appearance of your home, but the difference it can make is staggering. If you’re unaware, caulking is a sealant used inside and outside your home. We use it to fill small spaces and cracks. The caulking services we offer have two functions – keep water out of your house and keep air out. It can also be used to finish certain repairs or installations to create a fully finished look. If you’re a homeowner considering reducing your energy bill by improving energy efficiency, caulking is an excellent step. Focusing on areas outside your home is a great way to improve efficiency during summer and winter. Take a look at some of the areas we recommend using caulk: 

  • Windows – Sealing your windows can significantly affect your energy bill. Even if you can’t see the gaps, air leaks are often a significant contributor to rising energy bills. Call Mr. Handyman of Moorestown – Haddonfield – Voorhees if you notice any dried or flaking caulk. Our technicians will ensure an airtight seal every time.  
  • Doors – Similar to your windows, the frames around your door can let a staggering amount of air escape. Further, using a sealant can help protect your doors from water and rot damage.  
  • Bathrooms – We highly recommend sealing every gap in your bathroom. It’s a room that is routinely exposed to water. The areas we suggest include joints between tile flooring and the wall and joints between your bath and the floor and the wall. Our team will help ensure no water leaks anywhere it shouldn’t.  
  • Kitchens – Along with your bathroom, your kitchen is exposed to water regularly. Ensuring the seal around where your sink meets your countertop is air and watertight is crucial. Avoid unnecessary repairs by taking advantage of our professional caulking services.  

Different Types of Caulk We Use 

If you’re considering caulking your home yourself, we suggest doing enough research before starting. When you start sealing your kitchen and windows, you must use the right caulk for these spaces and apply it properly to ensure a tight seal. Any gaps left behind will leave your home susceptible to water damage. When you want to seal your doorways, bathroom, and attic, call our team of professionals for help. We’ll guarantee the job is completely quick and efficient. Ensuring you’re using the right product for the job is half the work. Here are some of the more common types of sealant used during our caulking services: 

  • Latex – This is the most popular option for homeowners looking to seal a project independently due to its ease of application. Latex sealant can also easily be painted over. While it’s an easy-to-use sealant, acrylic latex is known to dry out and break down when exposed to sunlight.  
  • Silicone – Silicone sealants hold up better than latex-based ones, but you cannot paint over all types. It requires some experience to apply silicone sealant due to its rigidity properly.  
  • Exterior – Exterior caulk is designed to be moisture resistant and can easily stand up against the sun’s harsh UV rays. This makes it an excellent option for windows and dry caulks.  
  • Mildew-Resistant – This is our go-to choice when we perform bathroom repairs. It’s excellent in humid environments. 
  • Fire-Retardant – This sealant is a non-combustible product that is safe and should be used around wiring, HVAC ducts, and pipes.   

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When you call on Mr. Handyman of Moorestown – Haddonfield – Voorhees, our professional team will ensure your surface is cleaned correctly to ensure a long-lasting seal. Our caulking repair and replacements are quick, efficient, and thorough. Whether you’re looking to seal your kitchen, windows, doors, or bathrooms, our team of experienced professionals would be happy to help. Each job we complete is backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise, ensuring your satisfaction. Schedule your caulking service today! We look forward to exceeding all your maintenance needs! 

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