Drew Barrymore reached out to us to help redo a first responders' house. Our team of experts completed an extensive list of home renovations. We worked on her living room, hallway, and kitchen and improved the overall living space. 

Some of the services our Handyman professionals provided were room spackling and painting to add color to the home. We also hung pictures, mounted a large TV, and replaced their in-the-wall AC unit to open up rooms in the home and allow for more entertainment space. We hung up new light fixtures in the main living space for a touch of elegance and helped with furniture assembly.

She couldn't believe what the end product looked like. She was thrilled beyond words.

Living room with tv, framed pictures, and a window

Dining room with half finished wall and a small dining table
Home entry way with hardwood floors
Home with in wall ac unit and window
Empty home entry way

Modern home living room
People in a modern home living room
Dining space with table, chairs, overhead light fixture and window
Gold hanging light fixture in living room
White hallway with wooden floors
Hallway with wooden floors
Living room with mounted tv, window, picture frames, and ac unit
Small white home kitchen