You may have absolutely loved that flooring when it was first installed 15 or 20 years ago—but now it's scuffed, chipped, scratched, faded, dingy, warped, cracked and sad-looking, or it's just really outdated and doesn't match your current interior design aesthetic. Floors are really important to the overall look and feel of a room because they take up so much space physically and visually. That means if they're not looking so great, neither is the rest of the house—and it's time to call your local Raleigh handyman to take care of an experienced flooring installation in Raleigh, NC.  

When you invest time, money and effort into a project like Raleigh flooring installation, it's safe to say that you're expecting a perfect floor as the outcome. When you call the team of experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area, that's exactly what you get. Our handyman team has decades of combined experience with handyman services such as flooring installation so we know how to get the job done correctly, on time and to the highest industry standards.

Our Reliable Services for Flooring Installation in Raleigh, NC

Undertaking a big project like flooring installation can feel like a major challenge, especially if you're not sure where to turn for professional installation help. We can take that burden off your shoulders—all you need to do is call the trustworthy, experienced team at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area. From consultation to installation and beyond, we have you covered with expert services for flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. We have the skill and expertise to install a wide range of flooring options. 

Here are some of the types of flooring our reliable team can install:

  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring (including luxury vinyl planks)
  • Linoleum

There is a wide selection to choose from, and we’re here to help you make an informed decision about what works best for you. We have a proven approach to flooring installation that local homeowners and business owners can depend on. Here's how our knowledgeable flooring experts tackle comprehensive flooring installation in Raleigh, NC.


We'll begin by visiting your home or business property for a consultation so we can learn more about what exactly you're looking for. That includes taking thorough measurements so we know how much flooring material we'll need and taking note of any obstacles that may require extra attention during the process of Raleigh flooring installation.


You probably already have floors in your house, and the old flooring needs to be removed to make way for your new flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. There are a few situations where new material can be installed over top of the old surface, but usually, removal is the best option. We'll take out your old floor and handle any other necessary preparatory steps, such as putting down underlayment.

Expert Flooring Installation

The next step is the actual flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. We'll take the type of flooring you've chosen and get it correctly installed to form an even, smooth, attractive surface. The techniques we use will naturally vary quite a bit based on the type of material. That’s because it stands to reason that the installation process for tile is pretty different from the process for hardwood. But you can depend on us for expert installation and quality workmanship, no matter what type of flooring you choose.

Clean Up

Once your new surface is fully installed, we'll handle the finishing touches, such as cleaning up any loose debris and reinstalling trim that had to be removed for the project, such as baseboard trim. We want to make sure that we leave your house in better condition than we found it, and the only thing left for you to do is relax and enjoy your new Raleigh flooring installation.

Mr. Handyman is the Right Choice for Experienced Raleigh Flooring Installation

Rely on the expert flooring installation professionals at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area when you need top-quality craftsmanship and trustworthy customer service. Our skilled team will get your new flooring installed on schedule and ensure that the results of our work are long-lasting, beautiful and durable.

But we do more than just flooring installation in Raleigh, NC! Local homeowners and business owners can count on our team for a wide array of dependable handyman services, including door installation and repair, deck and patio repair, pressure washing, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, drywall and ceiling repair, dryer vent cleaning, and much more. 

Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to improve your home and make it more livable, comfortable and appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring Installation in Raleigh, NC

Do You Do Flooring Installation for Commercial Properties?

Absolutely! All buildings have floor surfaces, which means all buildings need the occasional flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. Local business owners can rely on our experienced handyman team for commercial flooring services, along with numerous other commercial handyman services. If you need repair, maintenance, installation or improvement for your commercial business property, give us a call today and let us know what you have in mind.

Is Real Wood Flooring Better Than Engineered Wood?

When it comes down to the choice between solid wood flooring and engineered wood, one isn't necessarily better than the other for flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. They both have their own set of pros and cons, and one may be more suitable than the other under specific circumstances. Wood is a timeless choice known for its natural beauty and durability, and the first thing to understand about hardwood and engineered wood is that they look exactly the same. Engineered wood is a premium plywood backing topped with a thin veneer of real hardwood, so it is visually indistinguishable from hardwood once it's installed.

Solid hardwood floors are made from planks of solid wood that interlock together and are nailed to the subfloor. As a result, it can be a challenge to get it installed perfectly. But on the upside, it can be sanded down and refinished many times to remove surface damage like scuffs and scratches. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for more than a century, which certainly cuts way down on replacement costs and gives solid hardwood outstanding long-term value. It can also increase your property value if you're thinking of putting your house up for sale in the future.  

If you want all the charm and beauty of natural wood but you're concerned about warping, rot and other water damage problems from exposure to excessive moisture, engineered hardwood is well worth looking into. It's easier to install than solid hardwood planks because it can be put directly over a concrete floor, and it is a lot more resistant to moisture damage than solid hardwood. The potential downside to engineered wood is that it can only be sanded and refinished once or maybe twice, and you can expect it to last about 20 to 30 years before it needs replacement—which, to be fair, still makes for pretty decent value.

What’s the Best Type of Flooring for Dogs?

This may seem like a strange question, but if you're a devoted dog lover, you know it's an important thing to think about before flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. There are two aspects of this that merit consideration: the potential damage your dog could do and whether your choice of flooring material will be comfortable for your dog. Canine claws can do a lot of damage, especially if they're not trimmed regularly. Therefore, hardwood or engineered wood may not be the best option if you're looking to avoid scratches and scuffs. This would need routine repairs to keep the floors in shape. The same principle applies to luxury, natural stone tiles such as slate and marble because it's so easily chipped or stained. 

On the other hand, vinyl or laminate floors are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, but if you have a big, clumsy dog with long, gangly legs, they may be afraid to walk on a smooth, shiny surface that could send their legs flying in four different directions.  

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for Flooring Installation in Raleigh, NC?

There are a few things you can do to help the whole process go as smoothly as possible before the day arrives for your scheduled flooring installation in Raleigh, NC. 

Here are a few preparation tasks to consider:

  • Remove all furniture and other items from the room
  • Remove delicate items on the walls like curtains, picture frames, and glass-fronted cabinet doors
  • Clean the subfloor or existing floor surface
  • Ensure there's a clear path from the nearest exterior door to the room where the installation will take place
  • On the day of service, set your thermostat to the recommended installation temperature for the material you've chosen

Need Flooring Installation in Raleigh, NC? Count On the Team of Experts at Mr. Handyman to Complete Your Flooring Project!

If you are looking for flooring installation in Raleigh or a neighboring area such as Wake Forest, Clayton or Middlesex, you've found the best option available. Call and speak to the knowledgeable staff at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area for an unbeatable quality of workmanship combined with excellent customer service that always goes the extra mile.  

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