The kitchen is the center of a home, where people often gravitate to socialize, be productive, and cook their daily meals. But suppose your current kitchen is cramped, malfunctioning, deteriorated, outdated or just plain unappealing. In that case, it's not a pleasant place to do any of these things, and you may find yourself calling for takeout to avoid hanging out there. If that's the case, your household can benefit greatly from calling a reliable Raleigh handyman to deliver an expertly done kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC.

If you've got an idea of what could be done to improve your kitchen and make it more inviting for your whole family, the first step towards making it happen is to call the Raleigh kitchen remodeling experts at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area. Our team of handyman professionals has decades of combined experience in the remodeling industry, including specializations such as carpentry, tile installation, flooring installation, cabinetry and much more. We have the skill to turn your dreams into reality with a beautiful kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC.

How We Handle a Kitchen Remodel in Raleigh, NC

Most people aren't experienced bathroom remodelers and skilled carpenters, so the Raleigh bathroom remodeling process typically begins with the task of finding the right individuals who are capable of providing everything you need for a complete kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC. That can feel like a major challenge, especially if you're thinking of hiring one person to do the tile, another to take care of the cabinets, and so on. All those independent contractors aren't working together or communicating with one another, so it's up to you to manage them and make sure everything happens correctly in the right order—which can be a major time-consuming hassle.

That's one of the many reasons why the team at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area is the best choice for your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC. You can count on our skilled handyman service professionals to take care of every part of your kitchen remodel with top-quality workmanship and long-lasting results that meet or even exceed your expectations. From pulling permits to the final reveal of your finished project, we'll coordinate every step of the process so you don't have to worry, and we'll keep you updated throughout so you always know what's going on.

Our handyman team offers a wide range of Raleigh kitchen remodeling services, including:

  • Drywall installation or repair
  • Window repair or replacement
  • Wall and trim painting
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Floor or backsplash tile installation
  • Trim repair or installation, including crown molding
  • Cabinet installation, repair or refacing
  • Kitchen island construction
  • Countertop installation
  • Plumbing fixture installation
  • Installation of light fixtures and ventilation fans
  • Accessibility modifications such as lowered countertops
  • Finishing touches such as pot racks and towel hooks

Deciding the Scope of Your Raleigh Kitchen Remodeling Project

One of the most common mistakes people tend to make when planning a kitchen remodel is not clearly defining the project type and overall scope before they get started. If you're picturing a total transformation, but you only have room in your budget for a new tile backsplash, it's good to know that early on and set your expectations accordingly. On the other hand, if you plan a full-blown renovation when you really just don't like the color of your cabinets, you could end up doing far more than you need or want.

Here are a few broad categories to consider when it comes to the scope of your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC: 

  • Surface Changes: In some cases, it's really not necessary to rampage through the room, tearing almost everything out and starting from scratch. If you like the way your kitchen layout is configured and most parts are in decently good condition, but the room doesn't really match your personal style, a few simple surface changes may be all you need for a refreshing kitchen remodel. That could include new countertops, new tile on the floor and walls, and a fresh coat of paint.
  • Focus on One Component: Rather than doing a sweep of the room and making changes here, there and everywhere, you may prefer to focus on one specific component for a Raleigh kitchen remodeling project that will get you plenty of bang for your buck. For example, if you've got tired, boring cabinetry that doesn't match the rest of the room or is making everything look a lot darker and more cramped than necessary, cabinet refacing may be the perfect solution. Or, you could get the improved functionality you're looking for by having your Raleigh handyman install a new custom kitchen island.
  • Complete Overhaul: Then there are situations where some new tile or a layer of paint just isn't going to cut it. If pretty much every part of the room is old, decrepit or just plain ugly, it's time to go all the way with your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC. That basically means removing nearly everything from the room and starting from scratch. In some cases, that even includes repairing or replacing drywall and other building components. There's no doubt that this is the most transformative option and represents your opportunity to infuse your home with your own personal style in a more permanent way.

Choose Mr. Handyman for an Experienced Kitchen Remodel in Raleigh, NC

Are you searching for the best team of professionals to handle your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC? Look no further than the kitchen remodeling experts at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area. We have the skill and experience to take care of every last part of your remodel with expert craftsmanship and genuine customer service. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we will ensure that your remodel is completed on time and to your exact specifications.

But kitchen remodels aren't all our team can do! Our Raleigh handyman professionals offer a wide range of reliable handyman services that include bathroom remodeling, door installation and repair, deck and patio repair, ceiling repair, pressure washing and much more. Get in touch with us to find out more about the many ways we can enhance your residential or commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raleigh Kitchen Remodeling

Do you have questions about a kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC? You've come to the right place! Pick up the phone and call us to chat with our knowledgeable customer care staff and get all your questions answered without hassle. You can also read our FAQ section below to find our responses to a few commonly asked questions that our team hears from local homeowners and business owners. We look forward to the opportunity to tell you more about why we're considered the best choice for expert remodeling and other handyman services in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

How Do I Plan a Budget for a Kitchen Remodel in Raleigh, NC?

Suppose you've never planned a kitchen remodel before. In that case, you may find that sitting down to get started on the actual planning feels like the most daunting part of the entire process, especially when it comes to figuring out the overall project cost and how it fits into your desired budget.

If you're planning a major Raleigh kitchen remodeling project, it's a good idea to break the costs down into categories based on the percentage of the budget they'll require, as demonstrated in the example below.


Percent of Budget  























Laying everything out this way can be helpful, especially in the initial planning phase, because it gives you the chance to see where you need to direct the most funds, and it also gives you the opportunity to look for places to cut back if necessary. For example, many people are surprised to learn that kitchen cabinets often represent the biggest portion of the budget for a kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC.

If you're trying to keep your budget under control and need to cut costs, start by looking for deals when you're purchasing materials such as tile or countertops. This isn't about choosing poor quality products because, of course, you want attractive, durable materials that will stand the test of time, but you can often find great quality materials that are discounted, on clearance, or just being sold for a really good price.

Are There Alternatives to Replacing All Cabinetry During a Kitchen Remodel?

If your current cabinets are decent condition and you are satisfied with the way it's configured, cabinet refacing could save you some money. Sometimes, refacing is just a simple matter of applying a coat of solid stain or paint to your cabinets. But if your drawer fronts and cabinet doors are in rough shape or just don't complement the overall aesthetic you want for the room, just your drawer fronts and cabinetry doors can be swapped out, leaving your cabinet boxes in place as-is (or with some fresh paint). If you're looking for even more budget-friendly cabinet ideas, consider changing the door handles and drawer pulls—it can have a surprisingly big visual impact for such a small and simple alteration.

Do I Need a Permit for a Kitchen Remodel in Raleigh, NC?

Whether or not a permit is necessary depends primarily on the extent of the work that you want done for your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC. Building permits aren't required for relatively minor projects, but a lot of remodeling or renovation work does require a permit from the City of Raleigh. Our team has done extensive remodeling work in Raleigh and nearby areas such as Clayton, so we know which types of projects require which types of permits, and we'll get them pulled ourselves before we start work so you don't have to deal with the paperwork. 

In addition, you can rest assured that our team has all applicable state-level licenses and is knowledgeable about safety and industry best practices. When you call us, you get the total peace of mind that comes with knowing we'll adhere to all municipal and state regulations. That’s because we put a lot of value in a safe workplace, delivering reliable and fully compliant results of our work.

What Are the Current Trends for Raleigh Kitchen Remodeling?

When you're trying to work out a design plan for your kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC, it's all too easy to get swept up in paging through glossy, airbrushed photos of designer kitchens featuring the latest popular trends. There's nothing wrong with taking a particular trend that really appeals to you and making it your own, but keep in mind that trends change often and your kitchen remodel is going to last a lot longer than the latest trendy aesthetic. If you just go with what's popular right now, your kitchen will end up looking outdated long before its time.

A better way to go about the design process is to focus on what you like and what will meet the needs of your household without worrying too much about trends. There are classic design elements for Raleigh kitchen remodeling that never go out of style, so if you keep your design relatively simple and tailored to your family's tastes, you never have to worry about ending up with a stylistically outdated kitchen just a few short years after your kitchen remodel is complete.

Should I Change the Layout of My Kitchen?

You may decide to keep your kitchen floor plan as it already is, and that makes plenty of sense—it's generally always going to be more expensive to move fixtures and appliance hook-ups to a new location than it is to just put a new appliance or fixture in the same place as the old one, so you can save some money by not changing the layout.

If you do decide your kitchen layout isn't going to work, keep in mind you are limited by the shape and size of the room. A long, narrow rectangle, for example, will almost always have a U-shaped or galley-style layout with rows of appliances and counters running down one or both sides. But if you have a wider rectangle or a square to work with, there are more options. It's critically important to have as much space as possible to move around. Imagine entering your home with your arms full of grocery bags—you should be able to get around the room easily, even when carrying an awkward armload of stuff.

The workspace triangle design is a good design rule to keep in mind: basically, the stove, refrigerator, and sink should be in a rough triangle with one of those appliances at each point. That makes your workflow feel more natural when you're bustling around the kitchen, creating a gourmet meal.

Is Raleigh Kitchen Remodeling a Good Way to Improve Property Value?

If you're planning to put your house up for sale on the local real estate market and looking for ways to increase property value first, it's well worth considering a kitchen remodel in Raleigh, NC. Because they're key rooms that have a lot of important built-in features and appliances, kitchens are one of the most important parts of a house to most prospective home buyers.

The exact amount of your kitchen remodeling budget that you can expect to get back in the sale price as a return on your investment will vary from about 30% to 85% based on a wide range of factors, such as the quality of the design and remodel, comparable homes in your area and more. But it's important to keep in mind that it's not just about the actual sale price of the house. If your current kitchen does not live up to the standards set by other homes in your neighborhood, it'll make for a more drawn-out and difficult sale period that could see your house stagnating on the real estate market for months. The right Raleigh kitchen remodeling project will make the selling process much easier and faster by impressing real estate agents and prospective buyers and prompting them to make an offer on your property.

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You've made the decision—your home is in desperate need of a kitchen remodel service. But where do you get started? The first step is placing a call to your friendly, local team of remodeling professionals at Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area. We are proud to offer the best quality of workmanship combined with customer service that goes above and beyond. Our team serves the homeowners and business owners of Raleigh and nearby parts of North Carolina, such as Wake Forest, Creedmoor, and Smithfield. 

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