Langhorne Drywall Repair & Installation

Are you looking for a Langhorne handyman? Whether you need help with a list of odd jobs around your property or have one major project in mind, our team of professional service technicians are up to the task.

We've helped countless homeowners throughout Langhorne and the surrounding areas with their maintenance, improvement, and installation needs. Each of our service professionals have 20+ years of versatile experience, are highly trained, and have all the skills you’d expect from a professional Langhorne handyman. Many even have specialities with carpentry and remodeling.

Each handyman on our team chooses to work with us because we deliver the caliber of work that they are proud of. We treat them like the professionals they are, and we work with customers that appreciate fine work. When you hire our handyman team, you can rest assured you'll receive top-quality Langhorne handyman service.

Our technicians proudly serve Langhorne. As a local Pennsylvania handyman service provider, we’re always happy to help Langhorne property owners! Our office staff work hard to make jobs go smoothly and enjoy talking to our customers. Meanwhile, our technicians are courteous and respectful. They will always arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment, wearing a Mr. Handyman uniform, and take care to keep your home tidy—we even wear booties over our shoes. Our team will also send you a picture of your handyman and a short bio before he arrives at your property, so you know who to expect.

At Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley, communication is one of our key core values. Not only do we use cutting-edge booking and dispatch technology that ensures jobs and payment go smoothly, but we also have a backup call center to take messages. We also communicate by email and text if you prefer.

Our technicians are even equipped with iPads, so that they can take notes and pictures that will be saved on our system for future reference, which means that our office staff and other technicians can also view them to access notes during your current job — and during any future appointments. We can view files on your account, and post notes and pictures. That way, if you have a question about the work performed in your home or want to follow up on a past estimate we always have the necessary information to provide a satisfying answer.

Each of our service professionals are fully insured with general liability, auto, and workers’ compensation insurance. We provide an upfront, hourly rate for all our repair services—which are numerous. If you need repairs, maintenance, or remodeling in Langhorne, our professional handyman team is here to help!

Langhorne Drywall Repair & Installation

Drywall is a key construction material for many Langhorne homes. It was invented in 1916 to replace more expensive and cumbersome materials such as wood and plaster. Also, called Sheetrock and wallboard, drywall has many unique properties. It's lightweight, easy to install—with the help of professional Langhorne handyman services—and it’s even fire-resistant. Sheetrock is made out of two paperboards that sandwich a lining of gypsum. A sulfate mineral, gypsum is non-combustible—giving drywall it's unique fire-resistant quality.

However, drywall is very easily damaged. Hanging paintings, pictures and TVs can cause unsightly holes. General wear-and-tear and accidents—such as children playing—could also cause damage. Lastly, leaks, and even moisture build-up in poorly ventilated areas, might cause devastating water damage.

The good news is, with the help of our expert handyman team, your damaged drywall can be repaired promptly and efficiently. Our service technicians offer a range of drywall repair and installation services for people in Langhorne.


  • Sanding
  • Taping
  • Drywall spackling & mudding
  • Painting & finishing
  • Installation & replacement

Door Repair & Installation

All too often at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley, exasperated homeowners give us a call because their dog has chewed their porch door. While teething pups might love to sink their jaws into your wooden frame, we know how frustrating it can be to have any part of your home damaged—even if it is because of your beloved pet. Not to worry, however, because our pro handyman team can fix chewed-up door frames—and more!

We offer a range of door repair and installation services in Langhorne. Whether your screen has ripped or the latch no longer closes properly, we've got it covered. If you're tired of your current front door–or it's been damaged beyond repair because of an accident or storm, and you’d like a new one installed—we can take care of that too.


  • Sticking
  • Squeaking
  • Air leaks
  • Damaged jambs
  • Rotting/soft wood
  • Broken locks
  • Screen repairs
  • Wood rot repair

Tile Replacement

Tile is a stunning material that elevates the look of any Langhorne home. Most types of tile are also very durable and low maintenance—especially ceramic and porcelain. However, despite how strong most kinds of tile are, it can still get damaged from time to time. Perhaps you dropped a heavy object onto your tile floors or have noticed some hairline fractures and are concerned the small cracks will get worse. A handyman could help with that.

It's important to plan tile repair or replacement as soon as you spot damage. Small dents and fractures could get worse, especially if pressure from furniture or walking people is put on them. Broken tile is a health and safety hazard that could negatively impact both your home and family. It's all too easy for an unsuspecting foot or paw to get cut on shattered tile—which is very sharp. Also, tile is often laid in areas that are exposed to water such as your shower or behind the stove. While tile is usually water resistant—making it an ideal material for these areas—this changes when it's damaged. Even the smallest cracks can let water seep through, damaging the drywall or subfloor beneath.

Finally, damaged tile is unattractive. Even if the rest of your home is in great condition, it will look unkempt if there's dent or chips in your backsplash, floor, or countertop. If you live in Langhorne, it’s easy to keep your tiled areas in the best condition possible with the help of our tile repair experts.


  • Kitchen backsplash & countertops
  • Kitchen floors, foyers & other living areas
  • Bathroom floors, countertops & backsplashes
  • Feature & accent walls


  • Ceramic & porcelain
  • Luxury materials like glass
  • Quarried stone tile such as granite & slate
  • Synthetic materials such as vinyl & laminate

Do You Need Langhorne Handyman Services?

Are you ready to get started on your next home improvement project with the help of an expert handyman? Whether you need a hole in your wall patched, your dog made a mess of your back door, or you have a seemingly never-ending to-do list of odd jobs that need to be done around your home, our team of experienced service professionals has it covered. Instead of wasting time and money hiring multiple niche contractors, an experienced handyman from our team could help you tackle all the tasks on your list.

Not only will we take care to provide excellent Langhorne handyman service, but our experts are also happy to offer project tips and professional advice. Your peace of mind is always our top priority, so we go above-and-beyond daily to ensure all our clients are happy with our services. From our hardworking office staff who keep operations running smoothly to our dedicated technicians, we're honored to serve clients throughout Langhorne and in many other communities around Newtown and Yardley.

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