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The longer you own a home, the more signs of age it shows over time. Knicks, cracks, and scuffs in your drywall can be caused by any number of things like knocking furniture around, mischievous pets, or rambunctious little kids. A couple cracks or small holes here or there are not usually that big of a deal. As they build up over time, however, they depreciate the value of your property, make a space feel tacky and lived-in, and can even become hazardous if left unchecked for long enough.

While sometimes you can roll up your sleeves and patch up your drywall yourself, often it's better to leave it to a drywall repair and replacement expert who knows what they're doing and can find the best way to do it. When that time comes, Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County has the experts, the tools, and the know-how you can count on. We don't just fix the holes in your wall either. We take our customer service to the next level by finding the cause of the broken drywall and taking preventative measures to keep them from happening again. Once our Overland Park drywall repair experts finish their job, your home or business will look better than it ever did.

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Is It Better to Patch or Replace Drywall?

A few minor drywall cracks or holes here and there can be easily patched up with some spackle without any noticeable damage. Larger holes of about 6 inches wide or more need more involved repair work to be fixed. They're not just ugly, they degrade the structural stability of your home or business. Similarly, a few small cracks aren't a big deal, but shouldn't be ignored either.

Apart from filling up the hole, drywall repair may involve moisture removal, mold and mildew removal, sanding, and painting. Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County will handle your drywall repair problems from end to end. Our drywall repair and replacement experts in Overland Park have seen it all and done it all.

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