Mr. Handyman of Northern St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties wants to be your resource for all maintenance and repair needs. We have been involved in your community and would like to promote some local resources that would interest you.

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Mr. Handyman can install and service your flower boxes and irrigation system, even on the second floor!

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An incredible new wave of gutter protection. Invisible, effective and affordable.

Gutter Stuff® is designed to fit completely inside any 5" or 6" K style gutter. Gutter Stuff® can be installed anywhere a K style gutter is hung. It's ideal for any home application, commercial building, or institutional project. The new wave of gutter protection leaves no leaf or debris problem unsolved.

Learn more about Gutter Stuff at Mr. Handyman keeps a stock of Gutter Stuff on hand and can install it during any appointment. Call Mr. Handyman today to install Gutter Stuff and never have your gutters cleaned again!


If your home has a stale, musty odor you may have a condition known as Sick Home Syndrome. This occurs in homes with excess moisture and inadequate ventilation. These factors can cause toxins, pollutants and gases to accumulate and nurture mold and dust mites, making you and your family sick. The unpleasant basement or crawl space odors are a warning sign of an unhealthy indoor environment that will affect your health and moisture saturation that can cause costly structural damage.

Say goodbye to Sick Home Syndrome with Humidex. Humidex provides a healthier home environment by improving indoor air quality through moisture control, ventilation and a complete home air exchange of harmful contaminants. Unlike a dehumidifier, the Humidex unit has dual capacity to control and reduce moisture and expel the polluted, stagnant air that causes basement odor and mold growth.

Superior to cumbersome and costly dehumidifiers, Humidex is an energy efficient, maintenance free, patented ventilation unit that solves the problems of dangerous mold spores and basement odors, by naturally transforming the area where the moisture concentration and air stagnation are the worst, into a healthy and dry environment.

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IKEA Home, IKEA, furniture, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, decorations.

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Pet doors for your special friend. All sizes and types. Find the door that best fits your pet. Quality construction and good looking too.

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Tamarack Technologies provides precision ventilation and air quality control products.