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South Bend Home Remodeling

Local Residential Remodeling Services

Home remodeling and repair is a huge undertaking. Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or are working on improving your existing property, the entire process can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in! Mr. Handyman of Northern St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties has a team of experienced home renovation experts who love what they do.

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Services We Offer in South Bend

Whether you’re remodeling the entire house or focusing on one part of your home at a time, we can help. Our team offers the following handyman home remodeling services in South Bend:

  • Basement remodeling & renovation
  • Bathroom remodeling & renovation
  • Kitchen remodeling & renovation
  • Safety & mobility remodeling & renovation

If you’re looking for skilled South Bend home remodeling contractors near you, trust Mr. Handyman of Northern St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties to get the job done.

Basement Remodeling

Remodeling the basement can seem daunting, especially if the home in question has water damage. However, basements are ideal spaces for storage, play spaces for kids, a game room, or even a living space for potential housemates. Whatever your purpose is, talk to us about what you envision. We can look at your current setup and make recommendations for making the best use of your basement space. Call us about basement remodeling in South Bend, IN!

South Bend Bathroom Remodeling

Many people find that their bathrooms aren’t built for what they need. For example, a young couple might need two sinks to get ready in the morning simultaneously, but the original homeowner lived alone and only needed one sink. Some homeowners feel like they need a bigger shower or a bigger bathtub, depending on which feature they find most rewarding. Renovating your bathroom can be fun if you have the right team.

Exterior House Remodeling Services

Are you want wanting to give the exterior of your home a much-needed facelift? Maybe you are looking to install stone columns or looking to construct a charming walkway. These fresh additions will enhance curb appeal and could increase the value of your home. These tasks don’t come easy. You will need an expert that knows how to accomplish these tasks in a cost-effective way. The good news is that one of the home improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Northern St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties can help you. Speak with one of our professionals today and see what they can do for you.

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Kitchen Remodeling in South Bend

Kitchen design has changed a lot over the past decades. Before the late 90s, the kitchen was more functional for cooking and baking, separated from the dining room by a wall. Now, kitchens have expanded as a result of being a more social space. The dining room has joined the kitchen, making it more expansive and open. If you’re interested in opening up your kitchen and remodeling your drab-looking shelves, give us a call!

Safety & Mobility

According to the US Census Bureau, around 54 million individuals are age 65 and over as of 2019, and the population of seniors will continue to grow at a rapid pace. As our population ages, we might need to make adjustments to current buildings to make them more senior-friendly. Mobility can be an issue for some seniors, and ramps might have to be added at the entrances of a home to make it wheelchair accessible. Additionally, safety features like grab bars are essential for bathtubs and showers. Call our team to discuss making your home safer and more convenient for seniors.

Where Do I Start Remodeling My Whole House?

Looking for remodeling contractors near you? You have a lot of options. Remodeling companies in South Bend are everywhere, but it can be hard to know which businesses have a good track record. Before you even start looking for a contractor, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Can you remodel the whole house at once, or do you need to take it a room at a time? What is your budget? Is there anything you can do on your own?

A home remodel is a massive investment of time, energy, and money, so quality work is essential. However, many home improvements will improve your curb appeal and increase your resale value, so it might be worth the investment.

An excellent way to start is by making a list of the things you would like to improve and finding examples of styles you want online. You can then begin pricing the work you would like done and determining your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Home?

On average, home remodeling can range between $15,800 to $150,000, depending on the house’s size, the extent of the work, and the quality of materials. Additionally, the expense will vary depending on any structural changes made to the layout or unforeseen damages discovered during the work. For example, if your handyman finds mold in the basement, you will have to remove the mold before the work can proceed to ensure the safety of the workers and the future tenants of the home. Mold remediation would be an added expense to the total remodel price.

However, if you’re only renovating one room, your expenses will be much lower. Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom can cost anywhere from $100-250 per square foot, but the cost can increase if you’re renovating a historic home, for example.

What Renovations Can I Do Myself?


Some renovations can be done yourself to save on overall expenses. For example, if your home has vinyl siding, you can clean it yourself to save on costs. Sometimes cleaning the vinyl is a quick and easy way to make your home’s exterior look brand new, and all it takes is some good handwashing work.

Repainting & Updating

Exterior painting you should probably leave to the professionals, but repainting a door is relatively straightforward. If your door is still in good working order, sometimes all it needs is a fresh coat of weatherproof paint to make it pop. Additionally, replacing old house numbers or switching out the handles of cabinet doors can make your home look refreshed.

Wall Décor

Repainting may seem like a big job, but sometimes all it takes is a good paint roller and some high-quality paint to refresh an interior. You could also apply removable wallpaper to a room to add an accent wall to your interior or make a room look more visually engaging. Additionally, Sometimes repainting kitchen or bathroom cabinets is all it takes to make your home look updated.

Why Mr. Handyman of Northern St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties?

Our team in South Bend is dedicated to providing exceptional service. We love what we do, and our team has decades of experience with home improvement in the South Bend area. We can handle almost anything your project might throw at us, from plumbing to electrical to drywall repair. Check out our reviews to learn more about our team and our work ethic, or visit our local work page to see previous satisfactory jobs we've completed for local South Bend clients!

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