If you're looking for a place that offers the serenity of the suburbs with the conveniences of the city, then Melrose Park is for you! With its mix of brick, Georgian homes, frame homes, and apartment buildings, there's something for everyone. And if you're looking to spend weekends in Chicago, there are plenty of nearby options for transportation. But, whether you live in a historical home, a modern home, or an apartment building, there are always home improvement projects to be done by a local handyman in Melrose Park. That's why you need an Melrose Park handyman you can trust! 

If you need help with home repairs, remodels, installations, or regular maintenance you've come to the right place. We have decades of industry experience, the highest standards of customer service, and proven knowledge of handyman solutions. Our team is committed to building relationships with our community members, so you know you can come to us when you need a handyman in Melrose Park. 

Our Trusted Services By a Handyman in Melrose Park 

As any community of homeowners knows, things are bound to fall into disrepair from time to time. Maybe you have a cracked window frame that's letting a draft into the house or there's a hole in your drywall due to the kids' roughhousing. Your house is your haven, a place to unwind away from the rest of the world. That's why it's so important to get those repairs taken care of. Your local handyman in Melrose Park can assist in a wide range of services. Whether you need drywall repair, door installation and repair, custom carpentry, or any of our other services, our skilled professionals can handle the job!Contact your local handyman in Melrose Park today or read on to learn more about a wide range of our most sought-after services. 

Depend on Your Handyman in Melrose Park for Drywall Repairs

Drywall is one of the most essential aspects of your home. It helps protect your home against fire damage, it adds a layer of protection between your home and the outdoors, and it's easily repaired. Whether your drywall has been damaged due to a leaky faucet, impacts such as a doorknob hitting the wall, or you've been the victim of a faulty installation, your local handyman in Melrose Park will get that drywall repaired and that protective layer restored. 

Curious about our drywall repair process? When you hire a Melrose Park handyman, our service providers will:

  • Sand the area where the repair is needed
  • Apply the new patch to the wall with adhesive
  • Ensure the patch has been covered over with a joint compound
  • Sand down the joint compound
  • Prime the drywall and paint

Whether you need repairs, patching, priming, or painting, trust your handyman in Melrose Park to take care of it! 

Door Installation and Repair

Your doors are another feature of your home that acts as a gateway between your family and the outside world. When your doors are compromised, it can jeopardize your home's security and safety and make you more vulnerable to the elements. That's why you don't want to leave those repairs until the last minute. When you've got cracks, damage or holes in your doors, it can result in unwanted drafts, an uptake in your energy bill, and even wood rot. Not only do these issues cause your door to lose its curb appeal, but they decrease its functionality and prevent it from doing its job.  

But, no need to worry! We're here to get your door back up to optimal condition. Your handyman in Melrose Park can handle a variety of door issues, such as:

  • Door sticking
  • Crooked alignment
  • Broken or malfunctioning hinges and other hardware issues
  • Squeaking
  • Color fading
  • Warps and other damages
  • Door opening on its own
  • And more!

Whatever issues you're having with your door we've likely seen or fixed before! That's why you can rely on your local handyman in Melrose Park to get the job done!

Additional Services From Your Handyman in Melrose Park 

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Window Installation and Repair
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Safety and Mobility Services
  • Assembly Services
  • Commercial Property Repairs
  • And much more! 

Don't see the service you're looking for? No problem! We offer a wide variety of services for home improvement repairs. Just call our customer service agents and we'll give you a comprehensive list of services by our handyman in Melrose Park. 

Don't Let Those Repairs Cause You Stress! Your Dedicated Handyman in Melrose Park is Here! 

No matter the project that requires a handyman in Melrose Park, our team of highly-rated local pros will ensure it's taken care of! We consider it our personal responsibility to ensure you're happy with our workmanship. If you're looking for a company that employs the highest standards of customer service, repairs for enhanced functionality, an unparalleled experience level, and ethical business practices, look no further.

Whether you live in Melrose Park or the surrounding communities of Berwyn, Brookfield, Chicago, Forest Park, Lyons, Oak Park, River Forest, and Riverside, we're proud to have served our local communities since 1996. And because we're a locally owned and operated business with 250+ locations, your local handyman in Melrose Park knows exactly what its residents and surrounding areas need.  

But, don't take our word for it! Check out these local reviews to hear from your fellow neighbors for a satisfied user experience. 

Contact us today for excellent service. Our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to book an appointment for you at your convenience. Think of us for your current and future projects! Your local handyman in Melrose Park will get your home back up and running, restoring the peace of mind your household deserves.