North Oklahoma City Door Installation: What to do When it’s Time for Replacement?

A handyman using a ruler and level to measure a lock during an appointment for door installation in North Oklahoma City.
The front entrance of your home is the very first thing people experience when visiting. If the gateway into a home is in disarray, something must be done to save that all-important first impression.

When planning a new door installation in North Oklahoma City metro and Edmond, you can select from materials that best complement your home, such as fiberglass, steel, or wood. From there, you can customize it any way you want with paint, trim, and other features.

Door installation is not as simple as it sounds, so it’s a job best left to a qualified North Oklahoma City handyman. When your interior or exterior door is in rough shape, count on the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond to get it replaced quickly and efficiently. We are proud to serve our local community, including Nichols Hills, Yukon, Piedmont, Arcadia, Mustang, Deer Creek, and the Village, with the highest standards of workmanship and customer service that goes the extra mile.

Benefits of Professional Door Installation in North Oklahoma City & Edmond

You use your entryways so often that you likely take them for granted. But when they’re in bad shape and can’t do their job properly, everyone notices. Keeping your entries securely fitted is very important for your overall safety, along with how others view your home. Keeping entryways working properly across your house can help in larger ways, like keeping everything safe, and smaller ways, like keeping a comfortable lifestyle in your day-to-day life around your home.

Your local North Oklahoma City handyman can remove your old, damaged entry and replace it with a new, strong entryway. Here are some of the biggest ways your home and household benefit from new door installation:

  • Keep Drafts Out: The single biggest reason for keeping your entries in proper shape is that it avoids drafts leaking into your home. Air drafts negatively affect your energy bill as all your home's internal heat escapes just because the entry doesn’t fit properly.
  • Appearance Matters: As mentioned above, front entryways are the first aspect of a home any visitor approaches. It can add beauty to any home, even helping later on by increasing property value when you are thinking of selling your home.
  • Privacy Also Matters: One of the key roles of your entryways, whether they are interior or exterior, is to provide a sense of privacy that we can all benefit from. Having entries that aren’t properly installed or are in poor condition may compromise your privacy when you need it most.
  • Prioritize Safety: If your slab isn't fully fitted for your frame, it'll be very simple for someone to intrude into your home. Keeping your high-efficiency doors fitted will stop potential thieves from waltzing in an "open door."

Signs You Need Door Installation

At first glance, you may not be sure if your entryways are due—or long overdue—for replacement. If you’re aware of the potential problems that require door installation services, you can get the help your property needs from an expert installation professional before the damage becomes worse and compromises the security or livability of your home—not to mention your curb appeal.

Indications that you need a new installation or repairs include:

  • Cracks and chips in the surface
  • Scuffs, gouges, and other cosmetic damage
  • Peeling paint or flaking wood stain
  • Patches of wood rot and other signs of moisture damage
  • Difficult to open and close
  • The lock is difficult to turn or doesn't prevent the entry from being opened.
  • The window in the entry is foggy because of condensation trapped between the panes.
  • The window or glass in the entry is cracked or broken
  • Hinges are loose or squeaky
  • The knob doesn't turn
  • Cold drafts, even when entry is shut
  • Visible light around the edges of the entryway
  • Difficult to turn the key in the lock
  • Corrosion such as rust on steel doors
  • Double doors are misaligned
  • The latch or hinge jamb has become warped or is falling apart
  • Impact or pet damage
  • Slab or jambs damaged by an attempted home intrusion
  • Appearance is unattractive or outdated

Our handyman team is skilled with a wide range of services. Whether you need repair service or a North Oklahoma City door installation project, you can count on us to get it done correctly and efficiently. If you're looking for ways to boost the curb appeal of your property, check out the signs you can't wait another season for porch repair in North Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Why Mr. Handyman is the Best Choice for Door Installation

There are many different ways that hiring a door installation specialist can benefit your home's privacy and energy efficiency. Avoid hours of research and days of attempting it yourself and give our team of service professionals a call. The advantages of hiring Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma and Edmond for door installation service include:

  • Experience: When trusting professionals, you can rest assured your installation will get done properly. With a wealth of experience at our disposal, we can notice problems others may miss and get them corrected efficiently.
  • Double-Checking: True professionals will always double-check their work since leaving something up for chance can result in bigger issues in the future.
  • Insulation: No matter how big or small any project may be, proper professionals will get your entrance installed and make it a perfect fit so that it's fully secured against drafts. We'll do every proper measurement necessary and ensure that your entrance will be properly insulated.
  • Security: A professional will take every detail into account when ensuring your security and safety behind any entrance. We'll acknowledge and handle every common issue like peepholes, cracks, and divots that can be taken advantage of.
  • Visual/Audio Security: You may wish to add security alarms and cameras to your entryway that can help in keeping your home secure. Our door installation experts can help get cameras and alarms installed as well.

Our team goes above and beyond to reach customer satisfaction. We offer easy access and easy contact with our team of experienced door installation technicians, and they can handle any problem you are dealing with, whether it is water damage affecting entries and exits, a broken lock, or a non-fitting door.

What to Expect from Door Installation Service

If you’ve never had to hire a North Oklahoma City door installation service before, you may be wondering what exactly is involved. We’ll help you choose the best option for meeting your needs and facilitate the entire installation process.

Here are the steps we will cover:

  • Make Preparations: First, we’ll get proper measurements done and make sure the new installation will fit within those measurements.
  • Removal Process: Time to get rid of old entrances and remove any external parts. This includes slowly and carefully removing old entries, along with any interior or exterior trim that needs to be taken down.
  • Door Installation: To properly get your new entrance installed, you must compare it to old entrances and make sure it will fit properly. You’ll need to check sill areas to keep it level and caulk all perimeters of any opening before finally placing a new entrance into its frame.
  • Seal Frames: Apply tacks to the top corners with casing nails to keep the frame in place, making sure the frame is level so it will fit snuggly, apply shims surrounding the frame and finally, screw the frame in place at all four corners.
  • Finish Up: The final step is fully sealing the entrance and setting it in place. That includes closing up all the shims and ensuring the entrance and frame are secure and fastened to your walls.
  • Building Code: You can rest assured that we will follow local codes and regulations to ensure your door installation is compliant.

Another benefit you will receive from Mr. Handyman is upfront pricing with no hidden fees or additional costs. We thrive to provide you with transparent cost guides—this way, you can count on our excellent quality of work.

Types of Entries for Door Installation in North Oklahoma City & Edmond

We have experience with every variety of entrance types and materials. We know exactly how we need to approach any job at hand. You'll never worry about your home not being secure. We cover an assortment of different entry and exit repairs and reinstallations, which includes:

  • Interior: Keep interior rooms private.
  • Exterior: Secures the exterior of your home.
  • Sliding Glass: Glass doors give you that extra bit of visibility and light.
  • French Doors: For those that want a wider variety of styles.
  • Closet: Protects your clothing and keeps it out of sight.
  • Storm Doors: Keeps children and pets inside while letting natural light or fresh air in.
  • Pocket: For when you want an entrance to be subtle.
  • Screen: Screen doors give a way to enjoy any weather without letting it consume your home.

We'll handle all types of doors, covering a wide variety of materials, styles, and color options, from installation of an entry door to screen door installation.

Commercial Door Installation

North Oklahoma City business owners will benefit from our quality services, too, such as repairs or installation for their commercial property. You can rely on our team of handyman technicians whether you have a huge warehouse, an antique shop, or a business building—each of which has unique needs that go beyond the issues you'd typically find on a residential property. Our experienced handymen have the tools and expertise to meet those needs.

We can take care of the installation for automatic or revolving entries as well as provide reliable door services with a focus on accessibility features for those with reduced mobility. Whether you need a custom exterior or any type of custom design, we are here to provide professional commercial door services.

Most Energy Efficient Material for Door Installation in North Oklahoma City & Edmund

If you need to have a new exterior door installation and are trying to choose the best option for your household, energy efficiency should be one of your top considerations. If you don't like paying more than necessary on your monthly utility bill, it's important to choose a material and model that are going to prevent energy loss by blocking air circulation and heat transfer between your house and the outdoors. In general, steel and fiberglass are the most energy-efficient options because they are best at preventing heat transfer with insulated cores.

Wood naturally has low thermal conductivity, which is good. It's not typically as good at preventing heat transfer as steel or fiberglass, but it's still a decent option for our climate here in North Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Wooden doors are a classic, stylish choice with a lot of charm, so the wood has plenty going for it aesthetically.

It's worth noting that regardless of the material your entryway is made out of, a slab that features a window will pretty much always be less energy efficient than one that doesn't have a window because glass is such a poor insulator. You may still consider it worth the trade-off to have a window in your entryway, though, because they tend to add a lot of styles, let in natural light, and, of course, let you peek out and see who's knocking.

Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important for Door Installation

If you've never given much thought to the energy efficiency of your home before, you may not know why it's such a critical factor for door installation. There are three key reasons why it should be a top consideration when you are getting a new exterior installation:

  1. Heat transfer is the natural process in which thermal energy moves from a warmer place to a colder place. If you have an entryway that is poorly insulated or has deteriorated over the years, it allows heat from the sun to come into your air-conditioned house in the summer and lets the heat from your furnace escape to the cold outdoors in winter. That heat transfer process changes the temperature in your house, and your HVAC system has to work longer and more frequently to keep your home at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. Since your HVAC needs a lot of fuel to run, that added operation time can raise your energy charges by a significant amount, and you'll have to pay a lot more on your utility bill.
  2. An entryway that has deteriorated from years of wear and tear will let in moisture and air drafts that make your house less comfortable and livable for you and your family. Excess moisture also causes serious water damage issues like wood rot that could worsen and spread, compromising the structural stability of your building.
  3. Energy loss from a damaged or deteriorated entryway strains resources like natural gas and electricity, and that extra strain on resources isn't kind to the environment. The Energy Star program was created to promote energy efficiency and certify products that meet certain standards of energy conservation.

North Oklahoma City Door Installation Is a Snap When You Call the Experts at Mr. Handyman

For homeowners and business owners who need effective and efficient door installation, get a brand new entry with services from the team of expert technicians at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond. We’ll take away any concern or stress you may be feeling about that old, disheveled entry with our North Oklahoma City door services. We’ll provide a smooth installation process that will take your customer experience to the next level. From a pet door installation to repairs of damaged doors, we have you covered.

Call and talk to our knowledgeable team members about everything from door installation to flooring repair. You can request service from our expert team to get a professional’s help, no matter what odd job needs to be completed. Make a great first impression with a nice, quality door. Get in contact with us today!