As the defense battalion of your home in Oklahoma City, siding is a protective shell that preserves the structural integrity of your home by guarding the exterior of your house against harsh weather elements of hailstorms, rainfall, and snow blizzards and safeguards your home’s foundation. It also blocks any pest or rodent invasions and boosts the curb appeal of your home and results in a higher asking price upon the sale of your property.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

Mr. Handyman technician explaining siding repair services to homeowner in Oklahoma City

Although siding has a lifespan of up to 40 years, its longevity depends on how much effort you exert for routine maintenance, including participating in an annual and seasonal inspection from an Oklahoma City handyman. Some telltale signs you require siding repairs in Oklahoma City include hairline cracks or fractures, peeling or loose panels, warped or buckling panels, little to gaping holes that have leaks, discoloration and rotting from mold, mildew fungus growth, water streaks or stains, dry wood rot and more. You are ill-advised to outrightly ignore a siding repair; Oklahoma City homeowners should know that damaged siding can lead to excessive moisture seeping through your wallboard, resulting in peeling paint and damp discolored spots on your ceiling and drywall. Plus, your home is left more vulnerable to a potential flood during the Oklahoma rainy season.

Don’t wait until a disaster hits to ask for help from our qualified, licensed, and fully insured professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond. Our team is well-equipped with the knowledge, skill set, and techniques to handle any curveball, including siding repairs. Oklahoma City residents should know that we are trustworthy siding contractors and always strive to offer quality craftsmanship and superior customer satisfaction. It can be a headache searching for an accredited contractor from the information overload of looking online and all those mail-in flyers that spam you.

Rest assured that as a locally owned and operated franchise, we have been in operation for over 20 years in Oklahoma City, as shown by our impressive track record, so you’re in safe hands. If you’re still indecisive, we even offer a no-obligation consultation and transparent, upfront pricing backed by our one-year parts and labor guarantee, as we don’t believe in upselling. Mr. Handymans advocates for our clients by actively listening to their points of view and offering authentic solutions.

Our Verified Oklahoma City Siding Repair Process

If your home’s siding has been ripped away by piercing ice shards of hail or bludgeoned with a baseball, it’s about time for a siding repair. Oklahoma City property owners should rest easy knowing that even if the damage is more slight, for example from water damage from a broken gutter, we can perform all sorts of professional handyman repairs. Apart from leaving a bad impression on your neighbors, given a tattered side of your house, it doesn’t help your Oklahoma City home’s energy efficiency either as damaged siding can result in heat loss as your HVAC system has to work harder to churn out the same amount of output to keep out cold drafts from outside. Damaged siding also increases the likelihood of other rooms in your house being flooded as water flows away from the exterior of the house into small gaps and crevices, impacting roofs, doors, windows, or other sneaky breaks. After effective siding repairs, Oklahoma City homeowners also have to be keen about proper upkeep that includes frequent cleaning. During an annual inspection from your expert handyman, we recommend asking for a pressure washing service too as it scrubs away any dirt and residue clinging to your siding.

Structural Or Major Siding Repair

Oklahoma City homeowners dealing with more comprehensive damage to their cladding system because of water damage or large fractures due to invading solid objects, our trustworthy professionals have to use more muscle by completely getting rid of the damaged sections and installing brand-new panels in place. Oftentimes, it’s more cost-effective to remove and replace entire swaths of siding panels rather than re-caulk or patch damaged spots. If your exterior walls have become drab and worn out over the years, we recommend this service as a siding replacement can solve other problems by default, such as any lurking moisture damage underneath the panel's subsurface, which can result in leaks and damage to your interior walls and lead to drywall repairs. It could also compromise your home’s foundation.

Minor Repairs

Even if your home in Oklahoma City is newly built, its siding will usually have smaller gaps between panels which were covered up and sealed over with caulk by the builders. This makes it important to schedule siding repairs. Oklahoma City homeowners may forget that caulk eventually deteriorates and needs a touch-up about every ten years or so with a caulk replacement. Your trained Oklahoma City handyman can recaulk small hairline cracks, holes, or dents regardless of the type of siding material, from vinyl to fiber cement and aluminum.

Cosmetic Repairs Or Restoration

If your siding’s color has faded from constant water exposure, you may notice damp patches on your ceiling and wall boards, indicating moisture damage from extra humidity. If your exterior walls are mostly unblemished and just looking stale, you’ll still benefit from professional siding repairs. Oklahoma City handyman pros can refurnish it with staining or a fresh coat of paint to make it appear glossy, atop adding an extra layer of protection to prevent, for example, wood rot. This makeover will illuminate the exterior of your home and make it look attractive from miles away. In the end, we’ll even scrub off any debris with a power washer, leaving your house nice and shiny.

How Mr. Handyman Approaches Siding Repairs | Oklahoma City

Your level of maintenance depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the durability of the type of siding materials. Materials can range from wood and metal to vinyl.

Vinyl, for example, is a popular choice and although more extensive damage can be fixed with an entire removal and replacement of a panel, smaller to mid-sized holes can be fixed with caulk or patch repairs. Here are some steps we take for vinyl siding repairs in Oklahoma City when tackling a small crack, hole, or dent:

  1. Cut It Out: Our Oklahoma handyman will remove the damaged area using a utility knife and cut it to the edge of the panel. Leave at least two inches of space in and around the damaged spot.

  2. Zipline: Next, we’ll use a zip tool to remove the damaged portion by hooking in beneath the lip of the panel and tugging slowly downwards to loosen and unzip the panel. After being unzipped, the portion should pull free easily. If any damaged nails are fastening the portion in place, we have to remove them as well.

  3. Measure And Cut: Now, we will cut out a vinyl patch that is a handful of inches wider than the removed portion. We will use the old, removed damaged portion as a stencil for cutting out a new portion and making it at least four inches wider than the original.

  4. Oh, Snap: Next, our Oklahoma City siding repair professionals will mark off and measure the snape flange for the replacement panel. The snap flange is a curved lip or hinges at the bottom of the replacement panel and serves as a bridge to connect one panel to another. The vertical flange should align with the replacement panel and the width of the removed portion. After we have adjusted the flange we will remove any extra length from it using a utility knife. This is done, so your replacement panel will be able to properly zip to other panels.

  5. Glue It: Now holding the siding replacement panel over the designated space, we will outline its perimeter with vinyl caulk.

  6. Set And Secure: Finally, we will snap the replacement panel into place directly onto the caulk and pull to lock the lip of the panel into place. We may need to adhere the panel with duct tape to allow the caulk to fully cure and dry off. After the caulk is dry, you can remove the duct tape.

Of course, every material requires different types of repairs. When in need of broken siding repairs, Oklahoma City property owners can also rely on us to handle the following materials:

  • Fiber cement siding
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Best-In-Class Choice For Oklahoma City Siding Repairs

Your house shouldn’t appear as if it’s been in a battle zone due to damaged siding from a hailstorm or accident. Most homeowners insurance covers costly natural disasters, so you would rather invest in a premium contractor from Mr. Handyman and make it worthwhile as durable siding will only boost your home’s resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Repairs | Oklahoma, City

Can You Replace Just A Section Of Siding?

Yes, it’s possible to replace a specific panel or portion of your siding, but we don’t recommend this if the damage is extensive and only do so if it’s required. Sometimes subsurface beneath the panel is also damaged and needs to be repaired, so doing a spot repair may not work out.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace the Siding?

It depends on the extent of damage; sometimes a full replacement is not required. Minor or cosmetic damages are quick fixes that save you more money on costlier structural repairs later on. Unless one of our professional technicians diagnoses the problem, we wouldn't be able to give you an exact estimate or quote.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

On average, vinyl siding lasts between 20 and 40 years, but of course, this also depends on its quality, if proper siding installation was conducted, and the local climate in your city, including the amount of sunlight and rain.

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Our skilled and experienced team members are trained to industry standards and get the job done right the first time for siding repair. Oklahoma City residents should also note that we always clean up after themselves, discarding any rubble and waste at the proper facilities.

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