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Mr. Handyman of Papillion wants to be your resource for all maintenance and repair needs but we offer more than just handyman services and home repairs. We offer several safety products for the home that add value as well.

child on an emergency  ladder


Can you or your children escape your 2-story home in the event of a fire?

Mr. Handyman can offer you more than just home repairs and handyman services. We want to be your source for the best family and home safety devices available.

The PEARL (Permanent Escape And Rescue Ladder) is the finest fire-evacuation ladder system on the market. It is permanently mounted under an upper-floor window (on the inside of the home) so it's always in the same location. This allows you and your family an easy, quick, and familiar escape should you need it in an emergency. A permanently mounted ladder allows you to perform routine training (at least once a year) so your family can efficiently escape if needed.

It will hold up to 1500 pounds so a fireman with full gear could climb it to assist in the rescue efforts if needed (once deployed).

Click on the image for more information from the manufacturer.

A typical installation takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours per unit to complete.

Install one today and have some "peace of mind!" It is the best insurance policy you can buy because it can save lives, not just replace contents.

You can purchase one from Mr. Handyman to install yourself or have it professionally installed by one (or more) of our experienced service technicians.

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The Omaha area is full of trees! Trees are wonderful but the leaves and debris can clog up your gutters.

Gutters were installed on your home to divert the rainwater at least four to six feet away from the foundation of your home. Overflowing gutters will cause water in the basement (can cause moldy, wet carpet and walls), water damage to soffits and fascia, and water intrusion into other parts of your home.

Our motto here at Mr. Handyman of Papillion is “Spend hundreds of dollars now in maintenance or thousands later in repairs.” Performing routine maintenance is very cost-effective compared to the repair costs if the maintenance is neglected. In our experience, it is around a 10:1 ratio.

Gutter cleaning should be completed in the spring after the seed pods and other debris come down and again in late fall after the leaves all fall. It is unsafe to be on a wet ladder cleaning gutters so preventing that seasonal maintenance just makes sense both financially and for safety reasons.

Gutter Stuff Pro is the only gutter protection product recommended by Mr. Handyman of Papillion. We have seen them all, and have critiqued and studied all of them. Gutter Stuff Pro is a revolutionary product that keeps leaves and debris out of your home's gutters. Water will flow through gutters if leaves and debris are not able to clog them, period! It is porous enough that it does not impede water flow into the gutter yet is stout enough to withstand the elements as well as all the leaves and debris coming off your roof. Gutter Stuff Pro costs about 1/3 of other gutter protection devices on the market.

Please call your Omaha area Mr. Handyman for installation and/or purchase.

We can clean, seal and repair your gutters and install Gutter Stuff Pro at the same time. Never clean your gutters again! Never pay someone to clean your gutters again!

Gutter Stuff Pro comes with a 25-year performance warranty; it cannot be seen from the street and is the best value of all the gutter protection devices on the market.


How to prevent break-ins

A recent article in the Omaha World-Herald stated burglaries in the Omaha area are on the rise again this year, after a significant increase last year. West Omaha and the Millard areas are becoming increasingly victimized. The unfortunate folks that have suffered a break-in may no longer feel safe in their own home. Kids are especially impacted.

The FBI states that a door gets kick-in every 12 seconds in the United States! It happens dozens of times a week in Omaha alone. Approximately 70-80% of all home burglaries occur by somebody coming through the front, side, or back doors. Open your front door and look at the deadbolt plate. There is about one inch of soft wood protecting the safety of your home. Stop a burglar before he gets in!

The best protection for your home is to prevent the break-in in the first place. Here are some tips to keep an intruder out:

Of course, keep doors, windows, and the garage locked when not actually exiting or entering the home. Never leave house keys under the doormat, in the mailbox, or a plastic rock-shaped key holder, etc., burglars check these places.

If you have an automatic garage door opener, never drive off until you witness the door close all the way.

Trim back shrubs and bushes around the perimeter of the house.

Increase lighting around the perimeter of your home. Set lights and a radio on a timer when you leave on vacation.

Alarm systems are effective in many cases but gangs of thieves have become emboldened and can kick in a door, "snatch & grab" most of your valuables in a matter of seconds, and be long gone before the police arrive. These “snatch & grab” burglaries represent 70% percent of the intrusions. Most of these intrusions happen around 2:00 in the afternoon.

In 98% of door-kick-ins, the point of failure is the doorframe. Typically in most homes, only 1 inch of softwood is protecting you and your valuables from an intrusion. To keep your door from being kicked in and your security compromised:

Standard doors can be replaced with up-graded security-enhanced doors and frames that offer 3 interlocking points along the face of the door. These can range in the thousands of dollars.

There is also a wonderful product called StrikeMaster II that prevents the kick-in altogether. It installs on the lock side of the doorframe and is guaranteed to prevent a kick-in due to doorframe failure. The manufacturer has sold over 15,000 of these units and has never had one fail. For less than the cost of your insurance deductible, you could install a StrikeMaster II on each exterior door and protect your family and possessions. The StrikeMaster II is a patented product that WILL prevent a kick-in of your door, guaranteed! It can also be used to repair a doorframe that has already been kicked in. The units are very cost-effective and inexpensive to install. Mr. Handyman can sell and/or install one of these units within the Omaha area.

Call Mr. Handyman for more information or installation. We have many in stock. Prevent your door(s) from getting kicked in!

Whole House Fan


Save on your cooling costs.

The spring and fall evenings in the Omaha area are cool and comfortable. Bring that comfort into your home with a whole-house fan.

Tamarack Technologies manufactures an energy-efficient and very quiet Whole House Fan. It removes warm air from your house and attic space and pulls in the cooler night air. Your air-conditioning unit will not have to run as often. This highly rated whole-house fan can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in energy costs above the price of the unit and installation.

Think Green! Both in dollars saved and the effects on the environment!

Units are available for installation in Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Ralston, Gretna, and Elkhorn.

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