Mr. Handyman Fixes and Installs Interior & Exterior Doors

Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County offers expert door repairs and replacements in South Montgomery County, MD. Have your doors been damaged by weathering or another catastrophic situation? No matter the cause of the damage or impairment, our professionals are here to help when you need it most. We are experienced in working with various door types to ensure you receive the best quality care for your needs. If you want to install a storm door or screen door, or if your closet door requires a fix from our team, we are happy to help. We are committed to providing customer-focused care in every service, so you receive the best experience possible. Contact us today to schedule your service. 

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Local Door Repairs You Can Trust

Doors are a key component in everyday living, providing access and privacy to various entryways in your home or office space. With the help of Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County, we are happy to fix any door experiencing problems. Whether it's an interior or exterior door or a lovely sliding glass door that goes off track, we can handle it all. Our professional local door installers can provide an optimal solution if you need a new one installed. We treat every service with customer-focused care to ensure you receive the proper experience you deserve. Your convenient living is our top priority. Call us if you need assistance with any of the following types of doors:  

  • Interior Doors 
  • Exterior Doors 
  • Sliding Glass Doors 
  • Screen Doors 
  • Storm Doors 
  • French Doors 
  • Pocket Doors 
  • Sliding Barn Doors 
  • Closet Doors  

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Us?  

It's tempting to take the DIY route regarding home repairs and improvements. However, opting for professional handyman services brings many benefits that outweigh the allure of doing it yourself. With the expertise and experience of our skilled professionals, you can trust that the job will be done efficiently and effectively, saving you time and stress. Our professional handymen also come equipped with a wide range of specialized tools and equipment, ensuring that every task is completed to a high standard. Additionally, hiring a professional provides peace of mind, as we are insured and licensed, guaranteeing that any potential mishaps or accidents are covered. If your doors have experienced any of the following wear and tear, be sure to call us:  

  • Repairing cracked wooden doors 
  • Fixing sagging doors 
  • Mending damaged jambs 
  • Replacing dented metal doors 
  • Adjusting door handles that are too tight or too loose 
  • Rotting wood 
  • Improperly installed hardware 
  • Cracks in the door frame  

How Much Do Our Door Installation Services Cost?  

Are you looking for information on the typical costs of installing and repairing doors? Look no further! Regarding door installation, the average cost can vary depending on the material, door type, and labor. On average, homeowners can expect to spend between $495 and $1,777 for a new door installation. Factors like the number of doors needed and the complexity of the installation can influence the final cost. It's important to consider cost-saving measures by choosing doors that fit your budget without compromising quality.  

What Is the Cost of Repair Damaged Doors?  

The cost of repairing a damaged door can also vary depending on factors such as the severity of the damage, door material, door type, and labor cost. Minor repairs like fixing cracks or adjusting hinges can range from $100 to $300, while more extensive repairs, like replacing a damaged door panel, may cost anywhere from $300 to $800. It's crucial to assess the extent of the damage before deciding whether to repair or replace the door.  

What Locations Do We Serve?   

Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County proudly serves Ashton, Bethesda, Brinklow, Brookeville, Burtonsville, Cabin John, Chevy Chase, Derwood, Dhs, Gaithersburg, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, Hyattsville, Kensington, Mount Rainier, Naval Anacost Annex, Olney, Parcel Return Service, Potomac, Rockville, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring, Spencerville, Suburb Maryland Fac, Takoma Park, Washington, Washington Grove, and Washington Navy Yard.  

Contact Us Today for Your Appointment  

Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County is dedicated to helping you with handy projects around your home when you need them most. Our local door installers are just a call away when you need help fixing or replacing a new door or set of doors. We pay close attention to detail to ensure your service is done meticulously and thoroughly with the highest standards. Don't try to do all the hard work alone or compromise your safety and convenience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for service. 

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