Beyond the renowned museums, government institutions, and picturesque parks that often come to mind when thinking of Washington, D.C., there's a thriving city that families and business professionals call home. For residents, owning a home or business here means more than just proximity to cultural attractions—it entails a continuous to-do list for property maintenance that calls for a professional handyman in Washington, D.C.

This is where your local Washington, D.C. handyman steps in, ready to make your life more seamless by taking care of your home maintenance needs. Redirect your leisure time towards family and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture! Rely on Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County for property upkeep, minor household fixes, and improvement ventures, guaranteeing a hassle-free journey. Trust your handyman in the D.C. area to preserve precious time and finances, enabling you to concentrate on what genuinely matters.

Entrust your to-do list to us, your dependable local service provider. This ensures that your home evolves into a safe and cozier haven for you and your loved ones while your business consistently leaves a positive impression.

Your Expert Handyman in Washington, D.C.

Searching for a reliable and trustworthy service professional to address your property needs can be a daunting task. This is where the dependability of Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County becomes not only advantageous but indispensable.

Our licensed handyman team undergoes rigorous training and comprehensive background checks, ensuring a heightened level of reliability and trustworthiness. We are fully insured, providing our clients with an extra layer of security. By using only top-quality installation materials, we ensure superior craftsmanship in every facet of our work.

Punctuality and efficiency are of the utmost importance in our Washington, D.C. handyman services, and we back these principles with our Done Right Promise, which includes a 1-year labor guarantee. Devoted to delivering excellent customer service, we take pride in providing quality workmanship and prioritizing the satisfaction of each client.

When you choose Mr. Handyman as your preferred handyman in Washington, D.C., you'll witness our unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction firsthand. Your peace of mind and the successful completion of your project are our top priorities.

Our professional services at Mr. Handyman set us apart in the industry. With a wide range of services covering plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and general handyman tasks, we offer a comprehensive solution for your home repair and maintenance needs. We guarantee our work, and our licensed and insured team ensures you receive reliable, high-quality service. Our commitment to professionalism and customer service is evident in every project we undertake, and we take pride in providing a seamless experience for our clients. Choose Mr. Handyman and experience the assurance of quality and the satisfaction of having a team of dedicated professionals at your service.

Your Residential Handyman in Washington, D.C.

Trust Mr. Handyman for reliable household repairs, where our skilled team delivers efficient and personalized solutions to enhance your home's aesthetics and functionality in Washington, D.C. With competitive prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for a stress-free experience.

Bathroom Remodeling

Envision your bathroom as a personalized haven – a spa offering tranquility and peace. If this isn't your reality, you're not alone. Whether prompted by aging family needs, a desire for a new aesthetic, or a complete overhaul, our Washington, D.C., handyman team is ready for your bathroom transformation. From subtle changes to comprehensive remodeling, we specialize in bringing your vision to life, offering diverse services like installing new shower doors, precise tile flooring, seamless toilet and vanity installation, and upgraded fixtures. Beyond tasks, we're dedicated to crafting a space aligned with your comfort and style preferences.

Kitchen Remodels

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven, meticulously tailored to your preferences and needs, with the expertise of our Washington, D.C. handyman team. If your kitchen doesn't currently reflect your vision, you're not alone in yearning for change. Whether driven by the need for a more functional space, a fresh aesthetic, or a complete overhaul, our team is poised to embark on your kitchen's transformation. From minor adjustments to a complete remodel, our spectrum of services is designed to cater to your specific requirements. We specialize in turning kitchen remodeling dreams into reality, offering services such as installing new cabinets, upgrading countertops and backsplash, enhancing storage solutions, and ensuring seamless appliance integration. Our commitment goes beyond completing tasks; we strive to create a kitchen space that harmonizes with your culinary preferences, aesthetics, and functionality.

Tile Repair

Are you aware that visible tile cracks often mask underlying damage elsewhere? At Mr. Handyman, our dedication to tile repair extends beyond surface concerns. Our experts conduct thorough inspections to identify and address hidden problems early on. Proficient in repairing various tile types, including laminate, ceramic, slate, cork, porcelain, and marble, our skilled team brings precision and expertise to every repair. We ensure a flawless appearance and long-term structural integrity regardless of the tile material. Our meticulous approach not only addresses surface issues but also prevents further damage, saving you from more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Choose Mr. Handyman for tile services that prioritize aesthetics and your surfaces' longevity.


At Mr. Handyman, our team is comprised of highly skilled craftsmen boasting a proven track record in the successful completion of diverse projects. From repairing damaged deck steps to creating custom shelves for small businesses, our woodworking expertise is designed to leave a lasting impression. We tackle various wood types with confidence, excelling in tasks such as crafting bookshelves, restoring crown molding, installing handrails for safety and aesthetics, repairing and enhancing decks, reviving mantels, constructing custom cabinets, crafting durable door frames, designing and installing stairs, and more. Count on us as your trustworthy handyman in Washington, D.C., for all your carpentry needs, where precision and artistry work in harmony to bring your visions to life.

Drywall Repair

Drywall, a preferred construction material known for its lightweight, ease of installation, and fire-resistant properties, is commonly referred to as Sheetrock. Comprising two paper boards with a gypsum lining, it's widely used for its non-combustible features. Despite its advantages, drywall is vulnerable to wear and tear, including issues like cracks, holes, and water damage. Whether from everyday use, active children, or leaking pipes, these problems require attention. Addressing drywall concerns, be they minor cracks or significant water damage, is manageable with professional expertise. Mr. Handyman specializes in comprehensive drywall repair services, including repair, painting, seam/joint taping, mudding, installation, ceiling repair, and painting. Trust our skilled professionals to handle drywall issues efficiently, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetics are restored to your walls, whether for minor repairs or larger installation projects.

Exterior Painting

Elevate your home's curb appeal with the exceptional exterior painting services offered by Mr. Handyman. Our skilled professionals specialize in transforming the external appearance of your property with precision and attention to detail. Whether it's a fresh coat to enhance the overall aesthetics or a complete color makeover to reflect your style, our team is equipped to handle a variety of exterior painting needs. From meticulous surface preparation to using high-quality paints that withstand the elements, we ensure a durable and vibrant finish. Trust Mr. Handyman to revitalize your home's exterior, providing a welcoming and attractive appearance that stands the test of time.

Door Repair & Installation

Guaranteeing the peak performance of both interior and exterior doors is crucial for security, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. Indications like difficulty in opening or closing, squeaky hinges, or latch malfunctions can signal underlying issues. Our skilled handymen specialize in accurately identifying and resolving door-related issues for interior and exterior doors. We provide transparent assessments and honest recommendations. If repair is not feasible, we guide you in making well-informed decisions about installing a new door. Our primary commitments are to prioritize the optimal functionality of your doors and ensure your peace of mind.

Window Repair

Experience the clear difference with our comprehensive window repair services. At Mr. Handyman, we specialize in restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your windows. From seamless screen replacements that keep pests at bay to addressing counterbalance issues and ensuring smooth operations, our skilled team has you covered. Broken latches? Not a problem. We expertly repair and replace them, ensuring your windows are secure and functional. Our services extend beyond the glass, encompassing both interior and exterior window trim repairs. Whether it's enhancing curb appeal or refining interior spaces, our meticulous attention to detail ensures your windows look great and function flawlessly. Trust Mr. Handyman for all your window repair needs, and let the light shine in seamlessly.

Deck Repair & Refinishing

With the arrival of warmer weather, homeowners eagerly anticipate the prospect of engaging in outdoor deck activities. However, the enjoyment of such leisurely pursuits can be marred by the presence of a damaged deck, where issues like rotting boards or unstable handrails not only compromise the integrity of the structure but also pose potential safety risks. Identifying early warning signs such as splintering, weathered wood, or softened timber becomes crucial in ensuring the long-term functionality and safety of the deck.

Enter Mr. Handyman, where our specialized team excels in providing prompt and effective deck repairs tailored to address common issues specific to the local environment. Whether contending with wood rot or addressing structural concerns, our seasoned experts bring their skills to bear, ensuring not only the restoration of your deck but also guaranteeing safety and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Our commitment extends beyond deck repairs to encompass a comprehensive approach to outdoor structures. In addition to deck restoration, we bring our expertise to bear on porch, gazebo, and outbuilding repairs, reinforcing the integrity of your entire property. At Mr. Handyman, we understand the importance of a safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space, and our dedicated team is ready to ensure that your summer activities unfold seamlessly within a structurally sound and visually appealing environment.

All Our Washington, D.C. Handyman Services

Committed to serving the diverse needs of our clients in Washington, D.C., our team of seasoned handymen offers a comprehensive range of reliable and trustworthy handyman services. Whether it's home repairs, maintenance, or improvement projects, our skilled professionals bring their expertise to various tasks, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Some of the specific services we excel in include:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fixture Installation
  • Light Fixture Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Repairs
  • Pressure Washing
  • Water Leak Fixes
  • Water Damage Restorations
  • Minor Electrical Repairs
  • Basic Plumbing Repairs
  • Aging-In-Place Upgrades
  • Babyproofing
  • And More!

Your Commercial Handyman in Washington, D.C.

Our professional handyman services are designed to meet both residential and commercial needs. We prioritize safety and compliance with local building codes in commercial settings, recognizing the critical importance of the well-being of employees, customers, and the public. The enduring relationships with our commercial clients reflect the confidence they have in our capabilities. Our versatile team efficiently handles diverse tasks for various businesses, such as corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and more. We minimize disruption to work environments and foster direct communication with business owners, ensuring prompt and effective task completion. With a commitment to excellence, we stand ready to be your trusted partner in ensuring the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your commercial spaces.

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At Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County, we pride ourselves on fostering a familial approach in our repair and improvement company, treating each client with the care and respect of befitting family members. Our Washington, D.C. handyman service transcends the ordinary, as we adeptly manage multiple projects simultaneously, providing efficient and comprehensive solutions. You can relax, confident that your property's ever-growing to-do list is in the capable hands of our dedicated team. Whether you're a homeowner seeking drywall patching after a plumbing job or a property manager tasked with addressing a variety of repairs, our skilled handymen are the perfect team for the job.

To begin, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by reaching out to our helpful office staff, either through phone calls or conveniently online via our website. We eagerly look forward to getting to know you better and providing expert assistance with all your upcoming D.C. handyman services. At Mr. Handyman, we are not just a service provider; we aim to become a trusted partner in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your property, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Ready to transform your home or business? Let Mr. Handyman of South Montgomery County be your go-to solution for all your repair and improvement needs! Our skilled team is here to tackle any project, big or small, with efficiency and expertise. Don't let those to-do lists linger any longer—schedule an appointment today by calling us or visiting our website. Let's turn your visions into reality and make your space the best it can be! Your Washington, D.C., handyman dream team is just a click or call away. Contact us today!