Professional Handyman Repair Services in Bernardsville, NJ

If you're like most homeowners, you want to keep your property in excellent condition so it's not only functioning smoothly, but is also tailored to suit your unique needs and tastes—an oasis of relaxation and comfort away from the rest of the world’s demands. Even with the best of intentions, it's difficult to keep up with a long list of nagging repairs and desperately-needed improvements. Especially when you aren't equipped with the right tools and knowledge.

But hiring multiple contractors to take care of different tasks is as much of a hassle as doing it yourself. Particularly when they don't necessarily have the experience to provide superior customer service throughout the entire process, from appointment booking to billing. You need a way to reach a team of skilled service professionals, with just one phone call, who can take care of every task on your list efficiently—creating a worry-free customer experience.

That's exactly what you can expect when you make an appointment for Bernardsville handyman service with Mr. Handyman of S Orange/Westfield/Scotch Plains and Metuchen: Quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer care that goes above and beyond what other home improvement businesses offer. Instead of applying a quick fix that doesn't address a problem’s root cause, our service pros take the time to thoroughly investigate issues and trace damage back to its source, so it can be eliminated for good.

We’ve earned the Angie's List Super Service Award seven times, and maintained a superior service rating across more than 2,500 online reviews. Our team takes care to treat you and your property with respect by communicating honestly with you, arriving promptly for your scheduled appointment, and answering any questions you may have. From the first time you contact us to your finished project’s final reveal, we prioritize service excellence and your satisfaction above all else.

Professional Handyman Repair Services in Bernardsville, NJ

As a locally owned and operated business, we’re proud to serve the residents of Bernardsville, and other nearby areas such as Basking Ridge, Berkeley Heights, and Scotch Plains. We provide a wide range of services that increase your home’s comfort and livability.

If you'd like to know more about our handyman services, give us a call today to chat with our friendly customer service staff about your home's particular repair, maintenance, and improvement needs. Or, read on to learn more about our most popular services in Bernardsville.


Is your bathroom in need of help? If it's not functioning properly, doesn't meet your needs, or is just plain ugly and outdated, our experienced remodelers can transform it into your own personal spa. Alternatively, we can give it a classic, neutral makeover that will increase your property value when it's time to sell. Our bathroom improvement services range from completing a few simple tweaks to a full-blown renovation, including the following:

  • Drywall installation & refinishing
  • Floor & wall tile installation
  • Replacing bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • Layout changes
  • Installing shower heads & shower doors
  • Custom bathroom vanities
  • Mirror installation
  • Caulking
  • Ventilation installation & repair

Planning a bathroom remodel is a big challenge, but it's also a lot of fun! There are so many options available for materials such as tile, which comes in a vast array of colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles. Remodeling is an opportunity to infuse your home with your own personality and sense of style. Take a look at these handy bathroom remodeling tips to get started.


Appearances aren't everything, but they are important. If you've never seen pressure washing in action, you might be wondering if it's really worth it for a small change. However, it actually creates a big difference that will drastically improve the look of your property.

Pressure washing accomplishes a lot more than improving your property’s appearance, though. It also offers these benefits:

  • Removes dirt, grime, bacteria, moss, algae, mildew, and other unwelcome substances that can eat away at surfaces—leaving them vulnerable to further damage, such as wood rot
  • Primes surfaces for refinishing by removing loose paint and wood stain far faster and more effectively than sanding, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface to work on
  • Increases property value by impressing potential buyers and offering an excellent return on investment

Wondering what can be pressure washed? It works well to clean most outdoor surfaces, including:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Decks, porches, & patios
  • Driveways & walkways
  • Stairs
  • Large play spaces & sports equipment
  • Sheds & gazebos
  • Patio furniture
  • Grills
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots


Looking for ways to personalize your home, add value, and increase ease of use? All of those goals can be accomplished with custom carpentry projects. One of the qualities most people love about historic homes is all the beautiful wooden details, from built-in china cabinets to elaborate trim. But we don't have to leave those details in the past. Mr. Handyman's skilled carpenters can bring that charm into your home.

As an added benefit, custom woodwork doesn't have to look old-fashioned. Since the project is being designed just for you, you can choose a style that matches the rest of your house, such as contemporary, minimalist, or rustic. The possibilities are truly endless. Having unique, custom work in your home really takes it to the next level, and increases the house’s value. Carpentry projects that can enhance your home include:

  • Cabinets
  • Mantels
  • Bookcases & shelving
  • Window seats & built-in benches
  • Toy boxes
  • Flower boxes & planters
  • Decks & porches
  • Kitchen islands & counters
  • Crown molding & other interior trim

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