Installing Functional & Beautiful Home Doors

Your doors are the portals into your home and throughout its spaces, so you want to ensure they look well-maintained and beautiful and work correctly. Mr. Handyman of Spokane specializes in a wide array of handyman services, including serving as a professional door installer and repair technician for homeowners in Spokane, WA and surrounding communities. Many people don’t spend much time giving the doors in their homes more than a passing thought every now and then. However, these home features are a crucial component of any household’s functionality and visual appeal. Broken or malfunctioning doors can risk your family’s safety, and bland or unsightly doorways can ruin your attitude and comfort. Our talented and reliable exterior and interior door installation experts enjoy every opportunity to improve a home’s curb appeal and value while saving homeowners money on their monthly energy expenses. Reach out to us today to learn more about our door installation repair solutions and request a service appointment. 

Mr. Handyman repairman arriving to assist with a door repair in Spokane, WA.

Repair & Installation Solutions for All Door Types

Mr. Handyman of Spokane proudly carries and installs a wide selection of door models, styles, and materials. Our selection ensures you can blend your new doors with any home type while meeting all your needs and preferences as a local homeowner. You can depend on our service professional to repair the doors currently in your home, or we can upgrade them to more attractive, energy-efficient, and sturdier household options. If you’re on your laptop searching for “door installation near me” in Spokane, WA, there’s no need to keep scrolling through search results. As professional door installers serving residents, we do everything you need and work on many types of doors, including the following: 

  • Interior doors 
  • Exterior doors 
  • French doors 
  • Screen doors 
  • Storm doors 
  • Sliding glass doors 
  • Closet doors 
  • Pocket doors 
  • Sliding barn doors 
  • And many others 

Repairing Wear & Tear on Your Household Doors 

Your household doors are susceptible to significant wear and tear over time while opening, closing, and enduring weather, impact, and use. Many Washington homeowners living in older homes with aging doors may be against the idea of replacing their beloved doors because they love the look they extend to the rest of their domestic spaces. Fortunately, the team at Mr. Handyman of Spokane will be happy to repair all your existing doors, regardless of the issue or damage. If it’s impossible to repair your doors or replace certain parts, we can also perform exterior door installation services. Our service professionals aim to install new doors that fit your aesthetic vision as perfectly as possible. Newer doors often provide better energy efficiency and save money by not letting outside air enter, or indoor air escape your home through any cracks or openings. We’re proud to repair doors with a wide array of problems, such as: 

  • Air leaks 
  • Sticking doors 
  • Squeaking doors 
  • Broken door locks 
  • Damaged door jambs 
  • Rotting or soft wood 
  • Screen door repairs 
  • And more 

Proudly Serving Various Washington Communities 

Our local home improvement business is a proud community member and service provider. We offer our services to various Washington neighborhoods needing outstanding handyman services for their properties. If you live within our service area, your home is in good hands with our service professionals because of their versatile training, years of experience, and commitment to outstanding work and service quality. Mr. Handyman of Spokane proudly serves Spokane, Spokane Valley, West Plains, North-Side, South-Hill, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Medical Lake, Deer Park, Newport, Spokane County, Coeur D Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, North Idaho, Otis Orchards, Veradale, Elk, Deer Lake, Loon Lake, and Sandpoint. 

The Benefits of Our Door Repair & Installation Services 

Repairing or installing any type of door in your home isn’t a job you want to attempt without training and industry experience. Incorrect door installations can lead to higher heating and cooling costs, and they can risk your domestic safety. Doors that a homeowner installs poorly can result in improper seals that let air infiltrate your home’s interior spaces. Gaps between the bottom of exterior doors and the ground can allow indoor air to escape or outdoor air to enter your residence. Installing a storm door improperly means it will fail to protect your home as effectively as a properly installed model. Mr. Handyman of Spokane’s professionals have years of hands-on experience and all the necessary expertise and equipment to complete the job correctly the first time, saving you time and money while preventing immediate or future problems. Reach out to us today to request door repair or installation services at your Washington home. 

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