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One of the wisest ways a homeowner can improve their home’s energy efficiency is by installing new windows. Furthermore, new window installations will function perfectly, look fantastic, and increase your home’s property value. Mr. Handyman of Spokane’s highly trained service professionals will gladly install or replace any window type you need. We proudly serve customers in and around Spokane, WA with window installation and repair solutions. How do you know if you should repair or replace your windows? Do your windows stick, or do their exteriors have chips? Windows are essential to your home’s structure and visual appeal, and they’re vulnerable to damage because of their exposure to inclement weather, worn components, and stray frisbees and baseballs. You can depend on our window maintenance, repair, and installation professionals for window repairs or replacements as quickly as possible to ensure your family stays secure and your home is more energy efficient. 

Mr. Handyman discussing window frame repairs a with Spokane, WA customer.

Home Window Repair Options for Spokane, WA Clients

We can apply our window repair services to any window type you might feature in your home, regardless of the location, size, or shape. Mr. Handyman of Spokane specializes in proper repair solutions with timely and efficient work and impressive, long-lasting results. Our professionals are happy to work on all the following window issues: 

Broken Windows 

Busted sashes and broken glass are examples of problems our team can fix. We have the experience and industry expertise to make your window like new again. 

Double-Pane Windows 

If you have moisture collecting between the glass panes, this problem may indicate a broken seal. Our team will repair your seal or replace your IGU to restore your window’s visibility and energy efficiency. 

Window Screen Repair 

A damaged window screen can look bad and let insects and other pests into your home. We’ll gladly repair any window screen, whether you have a standard-size window or a large screen door. 

Window Mechanism Repair 

Contemporary windows, like casement and awning, can sustain damage to their moving parts. Our experts can handle repairing crank levers, hinges, locks, and more. 

Broken Window Frames 

Weather, leaks, and other threats can damage the wood and materials holding your windows in place. We can fix a damaged frame and ensure your window is sealed properly and works smoothly. 

Chips, Weather Stripping, and Blinds 

Small things can lead to big problems over time. Your blinds block glare, weather stripping keeps out outdoor air and retains indoor air, and paint makes your window look appealing. Our service professionals offer solutions for blinds, weather stripping, and chipped paint. 

How Much Do Window Repairs Cost? 

The typical cost to repair a glass window varies depending on a homeowner’s individual needs. For instance, Mr. Handyman of Spokane’s team can quickly and easily fix a cracked single windowpane. However, it may take more time and professional expertise to repair other issues. Besides fixing your window damage, we may need to repair your frame, replace weather stripping, and other possible steps. Below, we’ve listed some factors that contribute to how much your window repairs will cost: 

Window Type 

Energy-efficient, double-hung windows and vintage, single-hung windows are examples of window types we repair. Other types a household might feature include casement styles, skylights, and bay windows. Each configuration has unique repair needs and material requirements. 

Damage Extent and Type 

The frame and other components determine how effective a repair job will be. Rotting wood frames, bad window seals, and other damage may need repairs along with your primary concerns and will affect your job’s overall cost. 

Damaged Window Location 

Repairing damage on an easily accessible window is an ideal situation, but fixing hard-to-reach windows may impact service costs such as upper-floor windows, roof-places windows, and other difficult areas. 

Materials and Labor 

Supply and material availability can have a drastic effect on any repair job cost, including fixing windows. If your window requires specialty hardware or unique components, the price and repair time can increase. 

What to Do When Repairs Aren’t an Option 

You won’t know for sure if repairs are possible for your window until you contact Mr. Handyman of Spokane, describe the damage, and let our team assess it. We’ll inspect the obvious damage and all components to determine their condition and whether repairs will be the best choice. You can trust us for an honest assessment since we don’t sell windows. If we need to install new windows in place of your old ones, we can switch them out for more contemporary, energy-efficient models. 

Washington Communities We Serve 

Mr. Handyman of Spokane proudly serves Spokane, Spokane Valley, West Plains, North-Side, South-Hill, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Medical Lake, Deer Park, Newport, Spokane County, Coeur D Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, North Idaho, Otis Orchards, Veradale, Elk, Deer Lake, Loon Lake, and Sandpoint. 

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If you need expert window installations and repairs, look no further than Mr. Handyman of Spokane! Our handyman service provides outstanding solutions to all your window-related needs. Whether you have a broken pane, a faulty frame, or need a complete window installation, we've got you covered. Our skilled professional team is dedicated to providing impressive work quality and a stellar customer experience. Our years of industry training and experience have given us the necessary skill set and expertise to handle any window project. Don't let drafty windows or cracked glass panes be a hassle anymore. Contact us today to schedule service, and let us take care of all your window woes. 


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