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Are you looking for quality carpentry services? At Mr. Handyman of Spokane, we provide a full portfolio of carpentry services to help you bring your project ideas to life. Our team consists of experienced craftsmen and engineers who are skilled in all aspects of carpentry and can create custom pieces according to your needs.

With sound advice on materials selection and manufacturing processes, we strive to ensure that our work meets the highest standards possible while keeping your budget in mind. Whatever it is you’re looking for—from outdoor furniture sets or retail displays to decorative moldings or framing—you can count on Mr. Handyman of Spokane to deliver exceptional results without compromising on quality.

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Our Services

Crown Molding Installation & Repair

Crown molding is an elegant way to add a classic touch to your home. It is a long piece of wood that is installed around the perimeter of a room where the walls meet the ceiling. Crown molding can be installed using a nail gun, and then it's covered with wood glue to ensure a secure bond. Repairing crown molding is a delicate task, but it can be done with the help of a professional carpenter. If the crown molding is simply chipped or cracked, it can be filled and repainted. If the damage is extensive or the molding has fallen off entirely, a new piece must be installed.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Custom shelving and bookcases are popular solutions for both storage and aesthetic considerations. A custom carpenter can help you design and install custom-built shelving and bookcases that perfectly match your home's decor and storage needs. Built-in bookcases are ideal because they allow you to maximize your space and create additional storage. They also offer a polished look that can add value to your home. Custom shelving can also be designed to fit specific items, such as electronics or appliances.

Custom Cabinets & Mantels

Custom cabinets and mantels can make a major difference in your home's design appearance. A cabinet is essentially a box with shelves or compartments that are used for storage. A custom carpenter can help you create a personalized cabinet or closet that matches your home's decor and specific needs. A custom mantel adds to the visual appeal of your home and can be designed in any size, shape, or style to fit your space perfectly.

Custom Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Custom fireplace mantels and surrounds are an excellent home upgrade. A skilled carpenter can help you create a custom mantel that matches your decor style and the features your home offers. Whether you prefer classic or modern designs, a custom mantel will add a unique touch to your home that standard models simply cannot provide. Surrounds, on the other hand, include the area around the fireplace, and can also be customized. Surround designs complement the overall decor of your home, adding another layer of a design aesthetic.


Countertops can add significant value to your home when they are customized by a carpenter. Customized countertops are not only attractive but also functional. For example, a custom kitchen island with built-in shelves offers more storage and makes your kitchen the center of your home. Countertops making use of natural materials, such as quartz or granite, are durable and add a luxurious feel to any room. A skilled carpenter can help you find the right balance between style, practicality, and budget.

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  • We’re Professional. From the first service to the clean-up, we’re professional and responsive. We’ll arrive in our company service vehicles and in our company uniform.

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Frequently asked carpentry service questions

What are the main duties of a carpenter?

Carpentry, as a craft, is about constructing new structures and repairing and maintaining existing ones. Carpenters are in charge of measuring, cutting, and shaping the wood to create a range of things like furniture, doorframes, windowsills, staircases, and roofs. They're in charge of installing and maintaining flooring, fixtures, and cabinetry, as well as framing and taking down walls. Additionally, carpenters might be called on to complete exterior jobs such as building decks, roofing, and siding installations.

When should you call a carpenter?

You'll need to call a carpenter when you're building new houses or undertaking significant home renovation projects. If you need outdoor structures like decks, gazebos, and pergolas, professional carpenters are the people for the job. If you want to change or install new room features such as doors, window frames, or crown molding, carpenters can complete the work. Additionally, if you want to replace or repair your home's exterior (like your roof, siding, or gutters), you must contact a carpenter.

What makes a good carpenter?

Skilled carpenter has a broad range of knowledge and abilities that let them handle a wide range of carpentry tasks. They have excellent attention to detail and take pride in their work, guaranteeing that every finished product is of the highest quality. They have extensive expertise in woodworking and comprehension of different types of wood, as well as the necessary tools to produce accurate cuts and measurements. Additionally, the carpenters at Mr. Handyman of Spokane; are dependable, arrive on time, honor their promises, and have excellent communication skills.

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