Expert Picture Hanging in Magnolia, TX

Hanging picture frames doesn’t have to be a stressful, annoying task. When you call our expert picture hanging team at Mr. Handyman of The Woodlands, your pictures will be on the wall before you know it. We specialize in fast, professional picture hanging in Magnolia, Conroe, Dobbin, Hufsman, Kingwood, Montgomery, Pinehurst, Porter, Richards, Spring, Tomball, and Willis, TX. Our team of picture hangers can help you determine the perfect spot for each picture. We’ll then ensure your picture hanging is done perfectly the first time. Call us today to schedule a consultation for picture hanging services. 

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Trust Our Professionals for Hanging Pictures 

Trust our experts in picture hanging. Picture hanging professionals have the expertise and tools to get the job done quickly and accurately without damaging your walls, art, frames, or other property. Our team of picture hangers has years of experience determining the perfect placement and the right tools to use for expert picture hanging. We use quality hardware and fasteners and a stud finder to make sure we’re hanging pictures in the most secure spot possible. We also ensure that our picture hangers and hooks are rated for the weight of the art we’re hanging. Our professional picture hanging services guarantee stability, safety, and proper placement of your art. 

Tips for Hanging Picture Frames 

There isn’t a foolproof formula for hanging picture frames, but there are tips you can follow to increase your chances of success: 

  • Find wall studs in the area you plan to hang pictures. 
  • Organize pictures by size, color, and subject to create a pleasing view. 
  • Position the center of each picture at least 57 inches above the floor so it is at eye level for the average person. 
  • Pick out frames and matting that enhance the subject and appearance of the pictures and complement your existing decor. 
  • Don’t group a bunch of tiny pictures, as it will look overwhelming, and there will be no focal point. 
  • Choose the appropriate picture hanging hardware for the size and weight of the artwork. 
  • Use a laser level to ensure pictures are hung straight and level. 
  • Screws provide more support than nails, so for heavy pictures, use screws or wall mounts for hanging pictures. 
  • Use a hollow wall anchor to secure picture frames in drywall.  
  • When hanging pictures in drywall, use the lightest frame possible, and use property supports for hanging heavier items.  

Explore Our Picture Hanging Services 

We can hang shelves, pictures, mirrors, and other artwork expertly and professionally. We can help you determine the best placement for your pictures and art and ensure they are hung securely and level. We specialize in hanging:  

  • Animal Mounts 
  • Art Work 
  • Certificates 
  • Clocks 
  • Degrees & Diplomas 
  • Family Portraits 
  • Mirrors 
  • Paintings  

Avoid Damage When Hanging Pictures 

 When you hire a professional for picture hanging, you can avoid damage to your walls and artwork. Our picture hangers have years of experience and will make sure no damage is done to your home. If you tried hanging pictures yourself and damaged your drywall, we offer repair services, patching, and painting so your home will look beautiful again. We also offer alternatives to hooks, anchors, and screws. We can use adhesive picture hangers rated for the weight of the artwork we’re hanging. Adhesive picture hangers can be removed without causing any drywall damage.   

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of The Woodlands for Picture Hanging 

Our team will ensure your picture hanging services are completed efficiently and carefully. We get the job done correctly the first time without risking damage to your walls, art, or home. If you need any other home improvement services, we can provide an estimate or refer you to another company within our Neighborly Family of companies. We adhere to the Neighborly Done Right Promise, which means that if, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with our picture hanging services, you can contact us within one year. We’ll send someone back to your home to ensure you get the service you deserve. 

Hire Our Expert Picture Hangers in Magnolia, TX 

Call us today or contact us online to hire our expert picture hangers in Magnolia, Conroe, Dobbin, Hufsman, Kingwood, Montgomery, Pinehurst, Porter, Richards, Spring, Tomball, and Willis, TX. We can determine the perfect placement for pictures and artwork. We’ll also ensure we use the right picture hangers and hardware to protect your pictures and keep them securely on the wall. 

Mr. Handyman of the Woodlands proudly serves Conroe, Dobbin, Hufsmith, Kingwood, Magnolia, Montgomery, Pinehurst, Porter, Richards, Spring, Tomball, Willis 

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