Decks don’t have to be as expensive as they look. For budget deck repair and expansion, keep in mind these helpful hints from the deck repair experts at Mr. Handyman.

Expanding the deck - If you think bigger is better, don’t shy away from exploring options beyond retail. Check out a reuse-and-recycle center near you that sells supplies at a fraction of the retail price. Some might even be available for free. Lightly used wood can be refinished, as well, offering great value.

A fresh coat does wonders - If your deck isn’t giving off the impression you want, a new stain/sealant could be the most cost-effective way to update it. And when a deck is professionally power washed prior to staining, well, the before and after is night and day.

Add new seating - Adding wooden benches into the structure of the deck could give the space a brand-new look. However, make sure you match the stain and wood type of the new benches to the existing deck. Mr. Handyman is also available to make those benches you’ve always wanted.

The Benches On My Deck Have Seen Better Days. Can They Be Fixed?

They absolutely can. But the best approach – repairing or replacing – depends on their condition.

Check out the problem area - If the benches are simply in need of new staining, you don’t need to scrap all the boards. If the boards comprising the bench are mostly warped or rotted, it makes more sense, in the long run, to make/buy new ones. Use a screwdriver to poke at the wood; if the wood comes apart easily then it's time to replace it. If rot exists only in a limited area, the damage can be easily repaired with wood filler.

Get the supplies - If you’re replacing just a few boards in the benches or making new ones entirely, get the same type of wood and staining as the rest of the deck. Do all the measurements prior to going to the hardware store so you have the right board length and type prior to starting any work. Also, be sure to use a good sealant/stain on the wood to make sure the problem doesn’t come right back. If necessary, you can bring in a small piece of wood and match the wood type and color at the store.


A deck that looks like new doesn’t require a big budget – oftentimes just some resourcefulness and some of your personal time is all that’s needed. If you’d like professional results backed by a worry-free guarantee, contact us today at 1-877-MRHANDYMAN. You can trust your local Mr. Handyman for all of your deck repair projects and more.

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