Picking the right storm door is just as important as proper door installation. It’s important to pick the right combination of screen and glass that will best serve the functions most important to you. Here are a few things to consider when picking out a storm door:

  • More glass

The more glass a storm door is composed of, the better it will protect the main door to your home. Glass is great for protecting the paint on your primary door and blocks it from the adverse effects of weathering. A professional door installer also knows glass will help to minimize the heating/cooling bills inside the home, because of its ability to stop air from escaping.

  • More screen

Screens offer the chance for better ventilation, which can be especially helpful if your home doesn’t have air conditioning for the summer months. This door will allow air to flow freely in from the outdoors without many unwanted insects entering the home in the spring and summer.

  • Some do both

If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars on your storm door, you can purchase one that easily changes between screen and glass components. This will give you ventilation when you want it with the screen, and cold/warm air retention with the glass when needed.

  • Who sees the most energy-saving benefits from storm door installation?

Homes with older, badly-sealed doors will see the biggest energy savings from a new glass storm door, especially in the extremely warm or cold months.

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