Installing beadboard paneling or wainscoting can completely transform a room’s look and feel back to a former era.

What is beadboard paneling? Beadboard paneling is wood paneling with vertical grooves. It’s a lot easier to install than in the old days since it comes in the form of large sheets of paneling that can be cut to size. Beadboard is available in multiple styles and widths.

What is wainscoting? Wainscoting is a blend of baseboard, wall paneling, chair rail, and molding that adds a visually appealing, classic, ornate look to any room or hallway. Wainscoting breaks apart plain walls, creates visual weight, and, in some cases, creates a surface to hold picture frames and other keepsakes.

Here are some beadboard paneling and wainscoting basics:

Beadboard & Wainscoting Installation Tips

Beadboard is generally available in 8-foot long sheets or tongue-and-groove boards. The ideal installation type depends on the type of beadboard and the space you seek to cover.

Prior to installation, the wall should be prepped: removing any moldings, electrical covers, or other protruding objects, measuring your surface and cutting the beadboard appropriately. If using 4x8 sheets, then each panel should begin and end on a stud and fastened with either finishing nails or a firm adhesive.

There are several components of well-done wainscoting. For that reason, there are several simple tips to keep in mind: First, make sure you are removing baseboard, molding, and other items from the surface where you plan to install wainscoting. Next, mark where your wainscoting will be installed, then carefully measure, mark and cut all pieces of wainscoting, including your back panel, top, and bottom rails, stiles, baseboard, chair rail, and molding. To streamline this process, wainscoting kits are available in several styles.

Wainscoting can be difficult to install but can be expertly done by a Mr. Handyman technician.

Complementing Beadboard & Wainscoting

Installing beadboard paneling and wainscoting are two of many ways to transform a room. Others include installing crown molding, new fixtures or applying a fresh coat of paint. All of the home improvement professionals at Mr. Handyman have at least 10 years of experience. So, whether you need help installing wainscoting trim or beadboard, your local Mr. Handyman is the one-call solution to all of your home improvement projects.

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