Most photographs, art, and posters can be hung on walls if you follow these simple steps from the drywall repair experts at Mr. Handyman.

  • Pick the lightest weight possible

Drywall is at the most risk from hanging photographs when the frame is heavy. Make sure you select the lightest possible frame prior to hanging anything on drywall to minimize the likelihood of drywall damage.

  • Get the proper support in place

Wall fasteners offer support for hanging pictures in the home. They are available in both lightweight and heavyweight options and can prevent the need for repairing drywall later on. If you think your picture might be a little too heavy for the wall, it’s best to use a stud finder to locate a supporting beam. If you’re not sure about whether or not your frame can be supported by drywall, it may be beneficial to call in an experienced professional from Mr. Handyman to help the decorating process move along while protecting the walls.

  • Mistakes are fixable

If you damage some drywall while trying to hang a picture, there’s no need to panic. Mr. Handyman can fix it just as well as any drywall contractor. They are experienced, licensed workers who know how to fix holes large and small in drywall. If you want to try the tiny holes in drywall yourself, use spackling or a similar substance. Most of the quick fixes will require touch-up painting afterward.

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