Is old wallpaper getting in the way of your new design ideas? Don’t give up hope! Removing painted wallpaper may not be as hard as you think.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to remove painted wallpaper in a few steps so that you can start designing the space you’ve been dreaming of! 

Removing Painted Wallpaper

When dealing with wallpaper with a few layers of paint, it’s possible to remove it without causing any harm to the underlying drywall or plaster. Proper technique, the right tools, and some patience are the key to success. So, let’s peel back the layers on how to tackle the task of removing painted wallpaper effectively:

  • First, gently score the outer layer of paint using a stiff wire brush or a specifically designed wallpaper-scoring tool. Make sure you only apply medium pressure to avoid damaging the underlying wall material.
  • Now, transfer a solution of water, vinegar, and fabric softener into a spray bottle. To safeguard the integrity of the walls, only spray small workable sections at a time. Allow the mixture to permeate the wallpaper for a few minutes, which will aid in its removal.
  • Equipped with a 3-in-1 scraper tool, locate the sharpest corner and insert it beneath the painted wallpaper. Start scraping away, using a technique that involves alternating directions. This method will effectively loosen and remove the wallpaper.

If you follow these steps and still struggle with removing painted wallpaper, you may need to use a stronger chemical. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair or replace the underlying drywall or plaster. If that’s the case, we advise you to seek professional assistance from Mr. Handyman to repair the damage

Costs to Remove Painted Wallpaper

It’s important to remember that every wallpaper job is different, and what helps with removing painted wallpaper in one room may not work in another. When removing wallpaper, many factors come into play, including the type of glue, date of installation, the number of coats of paint applied, the condition and material of the underlying wall, and more.

Since removing painted wallpaper involves many variables, project costs can fluctuate. Factors such as how many supplies you need, how long the project takes, and any damage to the underlying wall, including necessary repairs, can all influence what it costs to complete the job.

Let Mr. Handyman Help Remove Painted Wallpaper

While removing painted wallpaper is not complicated, it is a time-consuming and messy job. If you’d rather not spend the time and effort doing something else, your local Mr. Handyman is your go-to partner for all home improvement needs. Our team of experienced pros can repair, repaint, or replace your existing wallpaper with something new. As part of the Neighborly family of home service brands, you can trust that all our work is backed by Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which guarantees your satisfaction.  

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