Retaining Walls, Gutters, Wood Decks, Patios & Utilizing Steep Yards

Getting the most curb appeal out of your yard is a worthy goal for any homeowner. Some of us have the cards stacked against us in the form of steep yards, small yards, above-ground pools, and retaining walls.

Centered on the idea of a curb appeal home makeover, here we take a look at ideas that will ramp up curb appeal for your yard and provide good maintenance practices for steep or hilly yards.

Utilizing Steep Yards

A severely sloped yard can present challenges to homeowners trying to get the most out of this space. Here are just a few ways you can make your slanted yard more manageable.

Put in some ground cover - A few plants like English Ivy and different types of grasses actually prefer a sloped surface to grow, and this can be an easier way to improve the slanted ground’s overall appearance. Ground cover also establishes roots that will protect your soil from erosion, is low maintenance, and is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall appearance.

Deck installation/improvements - A deck in a sloped backyard allows people to be outside in a slanted space, but have access to a flat, finished surface. The professionals at Mr. Handyman can build decks and help make your deck safer by installing/repairing rails around the deck. They are also able to add deck benches for more seating for you and your guests without the hassle of a sloping yard. They can also perform basic deck repairs, like replacing damaged boards from weathering.

Install a retaining wall - Installing a retaining wall can help level out the sloping ground in your steep yard, giving you far more options on what you can do in that space. Retaining walls under four-feet high can be tackled by homeowners themselves, while anything larger is best left to a specialized contractor. If you are going to take on the job yourself, you’ll need to be able to dig a trench and perform some mild physical labor.

How Do I Maintain My Retaining Wall?

If your steep yard has a retaining wall, make sure you wrap it in a protectant so, if water comes in contact with it, it is less likely to be damaged. One key to maintaining your retaining wall is the integrity of your gutter system. Gutters that spill over can create erosion that can slowly damage your retaining wall. Gutters that properly handle rainwater and melting snow also help curb appeal by preventing cracking in the sidewalk, patio, driveway, and other finished surfaces outside the home.

How Do I Maximize a Small Yard?

Even if you have a smaller home, you can still enjoy wide-open spaces in the summer months by installing a patio or deck in your yard.

Patios - If you have a smaller house and don’t yet have a patio, this is a great place to start in maximizing your outdoor space. This is also convenient in warm temperatures because, if you have a grill on the patio, you can cook outside and not have the smaller living quarters become cramped and hot. If you already have a patio in your yard but think it’s looking a little outdated, try freshening it up with new furniture and flowers, or call your local Mr. Handyman to give it a professional power wash.

Decks - These are a must-have in order to expand small homes. If you already have a deck, try freshening it up with a new sealant/stain and adding wooden benches to encourage people to use it. This will help a small house appear larger and roomier. Eating on the deck can also be a good option when having friends and family over for meals.

Wood Deck, Stone Accents, and Above-Ground Pool Surrounds

There are creative ways to give your deck or above-ground pool a fresh look, expanded use, and more visual appeal.

Improving Decks - Making decks more interesting with stone is a fantastic way to add some extra flair. For lower-level decks, this could include a short stone wall as a replacement for a traditional wood railing. And a rock garden can help the transition from deck to grass. For higher-level decks, wooden deck posts can be replaced by decorative stone post covers that suggest grand pillars.

Improving Above-Ground Pools - Above-ground pools are a lot of fun, but any real estate agent will tell you that they can be seen by prospective buyers as an unsightly addition. Above-ground pools are primarily there for fun and leisure rather than visual appeal, but the addition of a wood deck surround can improve both the fun and the visual appeal.

Wood deck pool surrounds not only turn the pool from a potential eyesore to a potential draw, they create a place to relax poolside, giving swimmers a place to dry off and sunbathers a place to soak up the rays.

Whether you’re considering a new deck or retaining wall, your local Mr. Handyman is the one-call solution to all of your curb appeal projects. All of our home improvement professionals are experienced in deck installation, patio installation and exterior home maintenance. Call your local Mr. Handyman today for curb appeal solutions and guaranteed results.

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