Start with this checklist of commonly damaged areas during severe storms from the experts here at Mr. Handyman.

  • Gutters

A need for gutter repair after a significant storm is very common. Strong winds can loosen the gutter sections from the house, as well as disconnect the gutters from the downspout, often causing unwanted leaks. If you can’t see any obvious gutter damage (like missing pieces) there could still be a need for gutter repair or cleaning. If there is significant water buildup at the base of your home but no damage, chances are there’s natural material clogging the gutters or downspouts. Want to leave it to a professional? Call the gutter experts at Mr. Handyman for repair or cleaning.

  • Deck

A storm can be a major concern for the wood in your deck as well. Before walking on the deck, first make sure the area is safe, checking all the supporting posts. Once that’s done, clean off the deck so you can see all the loose boards, displaced nails, or splintering wood. The deck repair and cleaning experts at Mr. Handyman can help here too, getting it fixed up in a timely manner.

  • Walls

Cracking on interior or exterior walls can signal a shift in the house’s foundation. This will be a major home renovation project and is often caused by a severe storm such as a hurricane. Drywall repair is more common after less severe storms, and Mr. Handyman is as experienced as any drywall contractor with this work.

Once you've diagnosed the storm's damage and determined you need a professional's help with repairs, reference these tips for advice on how to protect your home and your family against handyman scam artists, otherwise known as "Storm Chasers."

Still looking for some help diagnosing/repairing damage from a storm? Contact us today!

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