When Do I Need to Repair My Siding?

Even though siding is designed to last decades, no matter if it’s made of wood shingles or clapboard, stucco or brick, vinyl or aluminum, siding eventually gets old, wears out, and needs replacement.

There are also times when healthy siding needs important repairs to fix damage from severe winds, insects, fungus, extreme heat or cold, or impacts.

Signs That Siding Is Ready to Be Replaced:

  • The color has faded. Siding is designed to hold its color for its rated period of performance life. Fading can be a sign of sun damage, but it can also be a sign that it is not protecting your home the way it used to.
  • Your heating and cooling bills have gone up. If your energy bills have risen above utility company rate increases, then it’s time to scrutinize your siding.
  • Loose wallpaper inside your home. Sadly, this can be a sign that wallboards have been absorbing moisture from humid outdoor air that has permeated your siding.

Signs That Siding Needs Repair Work:

  • A storm with heavy winds blew through the neighborhood and you discover holes punched in your stucco; tiles missing from your clapboard siding; cracks, chips, or broken small sections in your vinyl or aluminum siding or sections that are loose or missing.
  • Dry rot or insect/animal nest found in a section of newer wood sidings.
  • Section of fungus/mildew or rust on newer sidings.
  • Water damage.
  • Various structural faults, possibly caused by imperfect installation.

Even minor-seeming siding damage left unrepaired can hurt your home by allowing air, water, dirt, and insects inside your home. To protect your largest investment from major repairs, make siding repair a “To-Do” list priority.

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