If you look around your shower and bathroom only to see grout that’s cracked, mildewed, or missing between tiles – it’s a sign that it’s time for you to regrout your tiles. Regrouting is a tile repair process that’s necessary to keep up the quality and look of tile in your home.

The following products are necessary to regrout tile:

  • Grout and grout enhancer

  • Grout saw

  • Caulk

  • Miscellaneous tools (floats, scrub brush, tile sponge, buckets, and rags)

  • Cleaning supplies


Tile repair can vary based on the size and shape of your bathroom, the age of the tile that is installed, and the type of tile that was used. The following considerations should be made when regrouting tile:

  • If you find a hole in the grout or caulk in your shower, make sure to call a professional to take a look at it. Even small amounts of moisture in these types of cavities can cause a severe issue over time.

  • It’s typical to do some regrouting and touch up, but if your grout continues to crack and disappear over time, your tile may have lost its bond. Tap on the tile, and if you hear a hollow sound you’ll need to reset your tile.

To ensure regrouting and tile repair get done right the first time, contact your local Mr. Handyman. We provide professional, safe handyman services in your community.

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