A brad nailer is a pneumatic or battery-powered tool that drives small nails, just like a nail gun. Learn more about brad nailers and how to use them in this video from Mr. Handyman:

Brad Nailer vs. Finish Nailer

Both a brad nailer and a finish nailer look the same and do the same exact thing. The only difference is the size of the nail they drive. Over time, terminology has been confused but generally a brad nailer uses smaller nails.

Before you begin a project, double-check what size nails the tool uses and what size the project requires; 15- and 16-gauge nails are thicker and stronger (finish nails), 18-gauge nails are smaller and easier to hide (brad nails). Each gauge nail also comes in different lengths, so always double-check what length and size the tool uses.

Your Local Handyman Experts

Brad and finish nailers also require an air compressor, which increases your investment in this tool. You could buy a battery-operated version, but these come with a higher price tag.

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