Caulk not only makes seams and gaps disappear, it also protects building materials from water damage by sealing cracks. In this video from Mr. Handyman, we show you how to load a caulk gun and how to use it, and give you a few tips for perfect caulk lines:

What Is a Dripless Caulk Gun

Old-style caulk guns require the user to release pressure on the gun when they’re done caulking to prevent caulk from seeping out of the tip. This requires an extra step every time the trigger is released.

Fortunately, modern caulk guns are dripless. Most high-quality caulk guns on the market now have a feature that releases pressure on the tube of caulk every time you release the trigger.

When you’re shopping for a caulk gun, it’s wise to pay a little extra for this convenient and time-saving feature.

Your Local Handyman Experts

Caulking can make or break the final look of your projects. If you have a lot of caulking to do, or you want someone to take care of the entire project, Mr. Handyman can help. Give us a call or request service online for home repair and maintenance services you can trust.